Millennial Media Arrives at Andromo



  • 2 apps:
    7350 views - 61 clicks
    I feel dumb because I had hoped it would be a good ad network.
    I am thinking over removing Millennial and not ever check them again, but I am lazy, busy making new apps and kinda disappointed to even deal with it.
  • @anteos What is eCPM / RPM of the app in Millennial Media vs the previous ad network? Maybe the network isn't for that app/install base/country? How long have you had it in there?
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    I am confused a bit with the various rates such as rpm, ecpm, ctr etc.

    Can you please describe to me what each is and how I can compare between admob and millennial?
    For all I know however, one of the two apps made me 5.12 euro profit in 7 days in admob and $0.21 in millennial.
    The app is around 10 days old.

  • Basically what type of app do you have compared to the type of AD's being displayed. Let if you have a news app but all your AD's are game AD's you might not get as many clicks. Also if the country your app is popular in doesn't recieve AD's from millinail media , they won't see AD's so they won't click on them.
    So what type of app do you have and what type of advertisements does Millinnial Media show in your app.
  • The app is collection of radio stations. I don't know what ads Millennial shows at it, but all I know is no matter what, I earn double money per day in admob than per week in millennial. I don't know if its because millennial doesn't show good ads for me - what matters is something is really wrong with them.
  • @anteos that does seem like a pretty big difference, were you showing both Millennial Media banners and interstitials?

    Either way if it's not working for you, then stick with AdMob, they are one of the best networks out there.
  • Yup I was showing both banners and interstitial.
    Plus the same difference occurs with my second app, but that is not performing really well. It has few downloads, impressions and clicks so I don't use it as a way to analyze the network performance.
  • Quick question, before I am going to check with mmedia about this.
    Could it be, that andromo framework causes the mmedia banners not to resize correctly?

    My app has now been approved (and yes the real ads are loading way fast than the test ads!), but the banner ads are not showing full size.

    Tested on Galaxy S2, S4 and Kindle
    I always only see the top 2/3 of the app and the width shows blank spaces to the left and right (except on the S2 it is full width as long as I use the vertical).

    The width is not a big deal, but if you only see a part of the ads (sometimes you have no idea what the ad is all about!!!) it wont help to increase revenue ;-)

    It looks to me, that they have only "one size" of banner ads and it wont resize according to your device (?).
    Is this possible, or has that something to do with the andromo settings?

    Here are a few examples:
  • From your screenshots, it looks like the you've specified an interstitial ad placement ID in Andromo's banner setting. When creating your Ad Placement, it needs to be the correct type, either Banner or Interstitial. Perhaps you've mixed up the IDs when entering them in your Andromo project?

    Millennial media does have different size banners for different size screens, but they are not full width banners like AdMob, so you will see space on the sides most of the time depending upon the device.
  • Ohhh, ok :-) One of my blonde moments!
    I was a 100% certain, that I added banner and interstitial placements to my app, but it was both interstitial.
    Thanks Darryl!

  • Ok, I finally had time to try them with one of my average performing apps.
    Users are: 69% US, 9% UK, 5% Canada, 3% Australia (targeting english speaking market).

    Requests 14,925
    Views 12,736
    Fill Rate 85.33%
    Clicks 41
    Revenue $0.63
    eCPM $0.05

    On Admob I had an average of €0.80 ($1.00) eCPM for the same app (last 3 month)

  • Crazy big difference. But I see that many people use Millenial Media anyway. Maybe these numbers improve over time, but that's just a wild guess. Thanks for sharing.
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