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Any of you good people is using Samsung App store as a Commercial Seller? How did you set up this :
Minimum Remittance*

USD (The minimum supported remittance USD 20.00)

In some cases, the recipients are required to
pay handling fees for overseas transactions. Please consider this when
you adjust the minimum amount.

※ Any changes made will apply from the 1st of the following month.

Did you pay any handling fees???

Thanks in advance


  • I think @sylviathewitch is signed up. How is Samsung doing in compare to Amazon in sales?
  • I have set minimum to $150 and choose paypal.
    No fees with this settings.

    I think, as long as you choose paypal you could set a lower minimum too.

  • thanks I will do that :)
  • @sylviathewitch: Which store do you find better for selling apps? Amazon or Samsung? Thanks.
  • @hendrix
    I know questuon wasn't for me but on Amazon for some strange reason my paid version of one app has been nominate to developers program and I have free advertising for it :)
  • Amazon!!! A million times better!

    1/ I do great with paid apps on amazon (even better than on GP)

    2/ Samsung only pays you, when they have received the money from the Agents/Commissionaire/Credit Card Company. This is, for some countries, taking forever (3 month)

    3/ As I mentioned in another thread, the fees for Samsung are ridiculous
    Have a look here:
    This is parts of my report.
    Compare the "Sales Amount" and the "Transaction Fee and VAT" columns.
    For some contries this is almost the same, I am glad that they don't actually CHARGE ME for selling something :-)
    For some of my apps I am now charging twice the price, that I have set on Amazon and GP, only to have something like $0.50 left.

    Interestingly enough I still have several sales every day, especially for one of my apps, that is $1.99 on amazon and GP and $3.99 on samsung is selling pretty good. 

  • Thanks for all the info! I still haven't tried Samsung for selling apps. It's on my to-do list. :) A few dollars here, a few dollars there, and it ads up. :)
  • can indian developer sell on amazon?
  • Check with amazon, they will know the best
  • A friend of mine from India sells (or has sold) on Amazon and all is good. But the payments are via checks only. If that's not a problem, they you're good to go.
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