Ability to Track whos connecting

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I need a function to allow the user to store a string within the app that allows me to identify the user to my app. This will allow the app to fetch information regarding that user from a webpage (via variable on custom webpage or similar).

This would allow my app (and others) to get more precise info regarding that persons online account (or in our case rider information for our charity bike ride app). Even a simple integer would do!

I don't need ad's as the app is free to all our charity cyclists, but to be able to give them their own info is beginning to be make or break as our ride grows.

www.aberdoveybikeride.co.uk if you fancy a 100+ mile bike ride
years waiting just to have an option for a used to identify themselves
in an app so I can grab their info in a custom page from our website...

I don't want ads... I want functionality
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