Unable to Qualify for Developer Select Program on Amazon

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Hello, I've submitted a new app a week ago, but it doesn't passes their Developer Select Program qualifications. They only problem is that it doesn't support a couple of new Kindle devices - however, some of my older apps pass this test without a problem.

Please see the screenshot here: http://tinypic.com/r/30htvd0/8

Does anyone else experiences this problem? @mark, could you please shed some light on this? Thanks.


  • @hendrixs what version of Andromo did you use to create your app? I know that Lorne added a fix to 3.3.0 that solved a problem with Andromo apps that used Audio activities in the Amazon Appstore: http://blog.andromo.com/2014/andromo-app-maker-for-android-v3-3-0-released/
  • I published it on 22nd of January. Hm, I'll rebuild the app and publish it again. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  • I submitted an app earlier this month, and didn't have any issues like that. It passed that test. What does it show on the "Binary Files" tab of your app (in between Release Notes and Content Rating)? That's where the device support is listed for your app.
  • @darryl: These devices are listed:

    All non-Amazon Android devices based on my manifest, Kindle Fire (1st
    Gen), Kindle Fire (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 7 (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD
    8.9 (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen),
    Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen)

    Hm, now this is strange. Binary files list these devices as supported, while the error message (picture in one of the above posts) says that they are not. Should I contact Amazon?
  • @hendrixs
    Yeah, I'd ask them about that and reference the information you're seeing on the Binary Files tab. Based on what you're seeing, I don't see a reason for it.
  • Thanks, @darryl. I'll resubmit the app first and if the error persist, I'll contact them. I will also keep you updated here on the forum.
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    This is what Amazon replied:

    "Thank you for writing in. We see your app
    is not compatible with Kindle Fire Devices, hence it is not selected for
    Developer Select Program.

    We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each app for Kindle Fire
    Tablets, including the quality of experience the app offers and
    compatibility with the device. While our goal is to offer a broad and
    compelling assortment to Kindle Fire Tablet customers, not all apps
    available through Amazon Apps are currently available on Kindle Fire

    Yesterday I've resubmitted an updated version of my app which already was in the Developer Select Program and now it's being reviewed again. Will let you guys know how it goes.
  • On a side note: does anyone know, if HTML tags like <li>, <b>, etc. work on Amazon Appstore?
  • This is pretty strange. I've updated my old app (built with an older version of Andromo) with a new version and it qualifies for the Developer Select program. Yesterday, I've uploaded another app (totally new), but that one failed to qualify (again, Kindle Fire compatibility issues). I'm starting to think that the the Developer Select program isn't entirely automated and if they don't like the app, they just reason it with "compatibility" issues. However, I've spent 20-25 hours making this app and it's at the same quality level as the one that is accepted.

    Is anyone else having these issues? Both apps are distributed as "paid".
  • Kindle has become increasingly difficult.  Not only are they making it harder to get in the "Select Program" they are adding a warning to those people who might buy your item "that it might not be compatible with their device" if it is not a select.  I 
  • The older Kindle Fire models may not be compatible with the new minimum SDK requirement.
  • Hm, is anyone else getting the same reason for not being selected for the Developer Select program? I'd be prepared to modify all my apps for Amazon, but I don't understand, why some of my apps aren't compatible with KF 7, KF HD 7 and KF HD 8.9.

    Understanding this would be beneficial. @mark, could you please chime in on this?
  • All I can really say is that I submitted an app to Amazon after the new minimums were implemented and it did qualify for the Developer Select program for the app. It was a free app if that makes any difference. So that change didn't seem to affect anything.

    The "Device Support" on the Binary Files tab in Amazon for the app lists the following:

    All non-Amazon Android devices based on my manifest, Kindle Fire (1st Gen), Kindle Fire (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 7 (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 7 (3rd Gen), Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 (3rd Gen)

    So based on those results, I really don't know why you'd be getting differing results.
  • Thanks, @darryl. Anyone else having the same issues as me?
  • Another thing that I noticed that was strange was that after I removed Amazon Ads from my apps due to bad performance (compared to Admob for my apps), it said that my apps weren't eligible for the developer program any longer (as expected).

    However after that, those apps all seemed to be included in their campaigns anyway, starting in December, and now going until April. And again, none of those apps currently have Amazon ads included. It's all a little bit strange it seems.
  • Only my paid apps have qualified, and of those only the ones I said were aimed at ages 13+.
  • OK, I just checked and the original Kindle Fire should still be supported. I thought it was using Android version 2.2, but it's actually 2.3.3 (according to the SDK Manager).
  • Thanks, guys.

    @darryl: I have Amazon Ads in the app and it's a paid app. I too have one of the suspended apps (I asked them to pull it down) scheduled for promotions.

    @tholyoak: Interesting. I'll change the rating to 13+ just to see if it helps.
  • FYI, I also have the 13+ age rating if that plays any part.

    It might also be helpful to analyze your app that qualified against the one that failed to see what the differences are as far as features go (activity types, ad networks, etc.). You can then compare those differences with any of ours to see if there are any other clues or patterns (as far as what is included, and what is not). Just a thought.
  • The two apps are almost identical in functions and both are set for the lowest possible age rating. One qualifies and the other doesn't.

    However, the app I pulled down, had the same graphics and all as the new app and that qualified, while the new app doesn't (it only has one extra audio activity). I didn't update the "old" app as it didn't performed well - I rather uploaded it as a new app, so it has a more fresh "first published" date.
  • I'm now 100% sure, that even if your app passes all compatibility tests, a live person decides if the app will qualify for the Developer Select Program. It always takes a couple of days for me (even if all tests are 100% passed) before they decide to include or reject the app. I put a lot of work into my latest app and it was accepted after 3 days or so.

    I also think they've become a bit stricter for the DS program qualifications. :)
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    I've updated one of my apps with the latest Andromo build (which was already in the Developer Select Program), and now the app doesn't pass the Developer Select test, because it supposedly crashed on Kindle Fire HD 7 and Kindle Fire HD 8.9.

    Please see the image here: http://tinypic.com/r/1196wk7/8

    @mark, is this something you could please look into? Or was it just an unfortunate coincidence. I'll re-submit the app after you make another update to Andromo - maybe it will help. Thanks.

    EDIT: I've sent an email to Amazon support asking for more detailed clarification of the issues that I'm having. If I'll get anything useful, I'll forward it to you guys at Andromo. By the way, all my "old" version apps pass the compatibility tests - but I don't have Amazon Ads in them, so they're not eligible for the Dev Select program. Could the implementation of ads have something with this?
  • I have the same issue, stupid amazon don't accept any apps for kindle I have published 2 or 3 all are not accepted for kindle even if I target my apps for kindle, normally if I create apps with eclipse all are accepted for kindle, this is something to do with andromo I think Amazon don't want simple Andromo apps, Andromo need to explain how to get accepted for all kindle devices what are we doing wrong! I'm really upset bought 2 days ago profesional andromo but can't even get accepted for all kindle, this is really bullshit makes me really mad, doing alls that work for nothing!
  • I have few Andromo apps on Amazon with no problem, two of them were promoted to developer selection program so I don't know where you getting this @historia
  • @historia: I think that Amazon has nothing against Andromo apps - I have a bunch of them approved, but all are made with older Andromo versions. Some of them are free, some are paid, some are really simple, and some have a lot of activities. So I guess it has something to do with Andromo's code.

    But don't worry, Andromo guys are really quick in fixing problems, and their code seems to be awesome. It works flawlessly on many devices and on emulators. Anyway, let's try to figure this out together.
  • @f1_fan: I'm in the same boat as him. I've just remembered that I've uploaded an app on 20th February (Paid) and it got accepted in the Amazon Dev Select program. Only three days later, I've submitted a free demo app (same graphics, almost identical functionality), and it wasn't accepted. Reason? It's not compatible with Kindle Fire 7, 7 HD and 8.9 HD devices. A bit frustrating, to be honest. :-/ They don't provide enough info, so I've asked them and now I'm waiting for a reply.
  • I really don't care if they accept my apps for Amazon dev select program or not, only what I want is if I upload a app on Amazon that they work on kindle, but they don't work, and if contact amazon they keep sending same robot messages what really makes me mad, they always copy past default message from their list like this:
    Thank you for writing in. We consider a variety of factors as we evaluate each app for Kindle Fire Tablets, including the quality of experience the app offers and compatibility with the device. While our goal is to offer a broad and compelling assortment to Kindle Fire Tablet customers, not all apps available through Amazon Apps are currently available on Kindle Fire Tablets.

    Best regards,

    Amazon Mobile App Distribution Support Team
    Amazon Dev Select program
    Amazon Dev Select program
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    @historia: There are big benefits on being in the Developer Select program. One of the benefits is that you'll get 500.000 free ad impressions and your apps will be ranked better. In my case, it's whether I'll earn some serious money vs. earning pennies. So I guess it should be in the interest of all of us to make Dev Select compatible apps.
  • Hey Guys,

    Here is some information that might help you get accepted to bother the Developer Select Program and properly target Amazon Kindle Tablets:
    1. App functionality doesn’t match the product description. We’ve found that this is the top reason.
    2. For apps designed to run on phones, the app loses state or data when it receives a message or phone call. The app should preserve its state when receiving or placing text messages and phone calls.
    3. The icons don’t match. Sometimes, the icons submitted in the developer portal don’t match the icons included in the application. They need to match.
    4. App stability or failure to launch. One in 20 of the app failures is stability related. For example, because the SD card path is not necessarily the same for all devices, assumptions about the SD card path can cause failures. Another common example is failing to include referenced libraries.
    5. Not replacing unsupported APIs with the Amazon equivalent API.
    6. Security. One example we’ve seen is writing plain-text login credentials to the log. Apps need to be secure for customers.
    I would guess that numbers 1 and 3 are probably the easiest to get wrong.

    For the Developer Select Program make sure that you fulfill the following requirements:


    For your mobile or HTML5 web app to qualify for the program, it must meet the following requirements:

    • Device Support: Apps must be compatible with designated Amazon devices. The current list of designated devices include the Kindle Fire (2nd Gen), Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9", and Kindle Fire HD 8.9" 4G. Effective January 1st, 2014, we will also require apps to be compatible with the recently announced (in September 2013) 3rd Gen tablets — Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HDX and Kindle Fire HDX 8.9". In addition, the app must be available for sale on our U.S. store for non-Amazon devices.
    • HD Optimization: Apps must render natively in high definition (HD) at the highest resolution possible on each of the designated devices and use the entire screen without distortion, pixilation, or stretching. You must also include high-definition screenshots (1280x720 pixels or greater) of your apps that can be displayed on the product detail page.
    • Amazon Services Adoption: Apps must exclusively use the Amazon In-App Purchasing (IAP) API (if your app enables in-app purchasing of supported digital products) and use Amazon Mobile Ads API (if your app presents ads) on a non-exclusive basis. Games must integrate with GameCircle, including WhisperSync for Games and either Leaderboards or Achievements.

    We may update these requirements from time to time, and may require your app to comply with the updated requirements to continue qualifying for the program.

    Additional Details

    • Apps containing adult content are not eligible to receive the benefits of Developer Select.
    • To receive mobile ad impressions, apps and associated ad content must comply with all requirements of the Amazon Mobile Ad Network, including the Creative Acceptance Policy, and be available for sale in the United States.

  • Having different size icons for different res screens specified as such in the correct folder and path is also a must and not doing this is reason to not get accepted.
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