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Hi guys and gal welcome to andromo. I know you are all excited to make apps and games plus hopefully make some good money on the side. You probably have notice Andromo has a lot of networks to choose from. Today I will be talking about what to expect and how to judge AD stats and revenue. 1st do not use tapgage and mobpartner they will not get you solid pay. Also don't focus on EPCM , just the revenue you earn .
Part 1 how to Judge: A common mistake most new developers make is expecting revenue right out of the gate with 300-400 impressions 20-30 clicks a day. Unless you luck out with that little traffic on your ADs you will probably see 40-50 cents a day if your lucky . In order to judge if a network is good you need at least 1,000-3,000 impressions a day. At 1,000 impressions a day you should make enough to buy a small cup of coffee a day or donut . I would say around $1-$3 a day but remember some days you won't make that much but it will be consistent .
Part 2 how to get more AD views: Ok now how to get more impressions . There is 2 ways to approach this one way is to make an app that has a lot of activities and content. The plus side is if a users uses your app the likely hood of them keeping you app on thier device is much better since it offers a lot of functionality. The down side is if the app is too large over 10MB you will have less downloads. The second approach is to make a lot of small apps 2-5mb and increase your chances of getting a lot more downloads. The downside is users might uninstall your app after a week or 2 weeks since it doesn't contain enough content to keep them engaged .
What types of apps should I make? That's the million dollar question as no one knows what exactly to make but in general game guides and news apps will get consistent downloads . Beyond that if you can make games you will get consistent downloads also. Other types of apps that get good downloads are wallpapers of famous people and ringtone apps but these types of apps will only stay on someone's device for a short time. You can also take a shot at specialized type apps like a SuperBowl app which will either get a ton of downloads or very little. In the end in order to make the real money you will need about 10,000+ impressions a day.
Hopefully I have answered your questions and have given you solid feedback as what to expect when making money with ADs.


  • Whilst I agree with guides, and wallpapers. I don't agree about games or famous people or anything that is copyright or can bring trouble. It's not long term or stable enough. Stick to general topics and things that can't be copyrighted. 

    Your accounts will last and Google or anyone will have no reason to ban you or complain. I know this from personal experience, not theory :)
  • Also, to keep app sizes low, try to reduce pictures as much as possible, or host the content on your own servers. Almost everyone has access to the internet.

    Rarely do I host anything locally.
  • Yes, if you're doing wallpapers or sounds, make sure they're either truly public domain (which doesn't just mean you found them online), you have a license to use them electronically, or you actually created them yourself.
  •     Ok @lookzor and @tholyoak can I see one example of your googleplay apps? I know what your saying but if that was the case most of the News Blogs and Magazine Blogs would not have many picture's. Yes you should avoid copywrite content but most people dont have the time to draw out 25-50 wallpapers or use a music maker to make a ton of ringtones. Its about balance and common sense. Don't think big companies are all "honest"  and got there with totally original idea's.
  • I'm actually a bit leary of giving an example, because I've already had one of my apps copied. But for my apps where content is included, I have either paid for the rights or used things that the authors have specifically stated could be used free of charge commercially.

    Of course, if you're just linking to a blog or a podcast, for example, the content isn't actually included in your app, and you're OK.

    But yes, if you look at a legitimate news site, you will usually see credits that identify where they procured the pictures they use.

    Better to be safe than sorry! :)
  • I can't give an example of my app because I removed them, and one was flagged for copyright issues, doing exactly what you said (game guides). And I wouldn't publicly link them here even if I still had them. 

    One strike was enough to make me realize they weren't viable, so I killed off all game guide apps that I had which were making an extremely good income and only going with my legit apps (where I've purchased all my content). 

    And yes there are plenty of examples where people are doing it, but there are also plenty of examples of apps disappearing that I know were once there because it got deleted, and in some cases the developer account too.

    Also getting into topics like that means competing with people who are willing to get dirty with reviews and reporting, simply because the volume is there. So I like to stay clear from mainstream topics like games/celebrities and so forth and just focus on evergreen niches. But that's just me.
  • Ok I said one of your original apps , obviously not something that you removed haha.
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