How To Use Amazon Ads in Apps That Are Not in Amazon Store

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Hey Guys,

I have a simple question.

I use Admob for my android applications in Google Play, etc
I use Amazon Ads for apps in the Amazon Store.

But how can I use Amazon Ads in applications that are only/also available in the Google Play store and other store. Because in Andromo I need to add the application key of the Amazon app to show banner ads. But how do I know the application key of an app that is outside the amazon store.

Also is it possible to add the Amazon banner ads to the android version of the Amazon app. (example: I have a app called "application - kindle", which is available in the amazon store and an app just called "application", which is available in the Play Store). Can I use the same application key for the Play Store version?

Thank you for your help.



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    You have to upload your app to amazon to get the app key, use that in your app and just upload to GP.
    So yeah you can use the same app key (as long as the app identifier (ie com.andromo.whatever) is the same.
    But it does have to be on Amazon for the ads to work
  • Thanks tamworthheat! I know what to do now :)
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