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Mole Mash game tap enemies to destroy before the timer runs out HTML + Andromo>Mario inspired

edited February 2014 in General Discussion
Ok I made a mole mash game using my favorite video game charactor mario. Tap the enemies onscreen before the timer runs out. This isnt on appstore Iam hosting it on sourceforge. It took a bit of code 200 lines and thats with optimizing. This is just to show the power of Andromo tool's and the ability to make games with it. I will be making an original game using this framework , just didnt have time to draw the graphic's out.
 Each level Goomba's and Turtles are
spread all over the screen hiding. Your mission is to tap and smash
every one that you see before the time runs out. Do you have the skill
and speed it takes ??

Download Direct on SourceForge



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