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Just a quick note - I've rebuild one of may apps and the banner image has lost on width. On Kindle, it's cropped half an inch on both sites, and I didn't change anything (Dashboard -> Banner Area Size -> Fit to Image). This worked fine before.

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • @hendrixs There was a change in the way that the banner ended being calculated after we introduced the Google Play services version of AdMob. Basically previously (due to the was the AdMob SDK worked) the size calculation for the banner area was done without the AdMob size being taken into account, now the AdMob size is taken into account, so this means that banner images hit the max height more often now. (Banners can only be 40% of the dashboard height.)

    We have worked around the AdMob SDK change and made it so that it will work like it did before 3.3.0 in the next release. But that won't stop what you are seeing from happening on different devices. The only way to really do that is to change the width to height ratio of your image so that it's wider than it is tall. E.g. more like an ad banner and less like a square.

    Hope that helps.
  • @mark: Thanks for the explanation. The image is "banner"-like (1080x600) and it was cropped in width not in height. After I changed the Banner Area Size to Large, it's OK again, but a bit too large. :) Anyway, thanks again for the tip and I'm looking forward to the next Andromo update.
  • @hendrixs It should only be cropped in width if the resized height hits the 40% max, then it will no longer grow in width. If you want email me the image: markATandromoDOTcom and I will take a look.

  • @mark: OK, I've just re-read what you said and it makes sense. :) I'm sending you the pic. Thanks for the help.
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    * If your Banner Area Size was "Fit to image," technically the image was not being cropped, quite the opposite, the entire image was being shown within a banner area that can't grow any taller, which means the image couldn't get any wider without cropping it.

    If you set the banner area size to a fixed size like "Large," the image will be allowed to spill off the edges, i.e. be cropped at one or both edges of the screen (depending on the image alignment).
  • Thanks for the explanation, @lorne. I've reduced the height and it's OK now.
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