Chromecast integration

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So now that the Chromecast has an SDK that anyone can use, can we get support for it? I know the podcast, and audio player, and shoutcast could all benefit from this. I have had a few reviews asking for chromecast support, and you could even make it an option that we can choose to add or not add with each activity. 



  • I would love Chromecast support for the Shoutcast activity. I'm able to listen to my Shoutcast stream by casting a Chrome tab, it works perfectly, so I hope Andromo can add it. 

  • Thanks for the suggestion, it is a very cool feature. We will look into it.

    Now if only my Luddite TV had an HDMI port...
  • Hi guys, I also would like to add this into my apps.
    Now Google has opened the API to devs this is a chance not to miss. Especially for Podcasts and videos built into the app. But also for presentations (would be a killer for businesses)
  • +1 for Chromecast support - I have my new Chromecast and it's awsome getting things on the BIG screen!
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