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After a nearly perfect record of listing apps on the Nook site. The last three have been rejected with the following message:

Files: Rejected:
Test Case #3

- The application will not install on NOOK Color due to the fact that
NOOK Color is FROYO (SDK 8) while NOOK Tablet is based off GB (SDK 10)
and NOOK HD/HD+ devices are ICS (SDK 15). Please downgrade to SDK 8 in
order for the application to be able to install on all NOOK devices. If
you need more clarification please open a ticket.

Failed on the following device(s):

NOOK Color (Froyo) 1.4 [ x ]
NOOK Tablet (Gingerbread) 1.4.1 [  ]
NOOK HD+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) 2.0 [  ]
NOOK HD (Ice Cream Sandwich) 2.0 [  ]

Result: The app fails to install onto the NOOK Color, due to an older

Can someone tell what what this means and how to fix it with Andromo?


  •   I don't think there was a fix because andromo just recently upgraded the SDK.
  • Unless Andromo decides to let us choose to support the lower versions (and not use ads - but B&N doesn't allow them anyway), you have to only check the boxes for HD and HD+ when you submit your apps.
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    I'm curious as to how many of us are selling apps through B&N (or Amazon, actually) which would benefit from the continued support of older devices?
  • It looks like the Nook Tablet may actually still be supported. I have an app in testing with B&N right now to verify. So it may be only the Nook Color that is lost so far.
  • tholyoak, I listed apps on Nook for the past year but my last 4 apps have been rejected since Andromo's lastest updated.  What is your suggestion on a solution?
  • Did they say why they were rejected? I've done a couple updates and a new app since the new Andromo version, and they've been approved. I just make sure I don't check the box for the Nook Color, which is no longer supported.
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