How to stream audio activity?

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I plan to make an app which will stream sounds using the Audio activity.
Any easy way/site to upload my files and playlist?


  • is great, but it costs some money. You can also choose HostGator as your host, but I would not advise using more than 1 TB of bandwith per month. They offer "unlimited" bandwidth, but unlimited does not mean "infinite". :)
  • Thanks hendrixs!
    There is no website which could work for limited amount of playlists, for example something like (which I just found)?
  • I use Amazon S3. It is very cheap and you only pay for what you use.
  • Sorry, I don't know about any other solution. Amazon S3 also seems great.
  • I see. Well I would rather not pay for the moment so I will keep an eye around on the matter.
    Thank you both for your replies.
  • If you qualify for the "Free Tier," you can get 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage and 15 GB of data transfer per month for free (for a year).

    Otherwise, storage is about 8 cents a TB and 12 cents/GB for data transfer.
  • That's quite a lot. My bandwidth usage is about 1 TB (1000 GB) per month. That would be 120 USD?
  • I guess my usage is different. It costs me less than $1 a month for what I do. So for me, S3 is much cheaper than something like Hostgator.

  • That's great! I'll have another look at it.
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