Leadbolt has been doing bad last 3 weeks $2-4 a day down to 0.10 cents a day? WTF!!

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Leadbolt has been a good service but lately they have sunk down low. I use to make about $2-4 dollars a day and now its 0.10 cents a day!! Has anyone else had problem where money is not being made.


  • I would send them an email in your place asking what has changed.
  • The people in the Making Money with Android forums seem to think that January is always a bad month for ad revenue. Something to do with the way in which advertisers spend their money.

    Not sure if this is the case or not.
  • From my experience December was the worst and January picked up ... but I am talking about Admob
  • It's so different for everyone, I guess. December was for me much better than usual. January was OK, but now in February installs started do downtrend a little.
  • December was my best month yet with Admob. January wasn't quite as good, but better than November.
  • December was awesome, November was OK (I was fresh back then), January was bad, Feb seems magnificent.
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