Constantly rejected from amazon?

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Amazon keeps saying:

Steps to reproduce this issue as it appears in this app:

1.Install and launch the app. 
2.On launch,tap on "sharer" option. 
3.Select "Gmail".
4.The email promotes Google play store.

These require attention? WTF are they saying I can't use a gmail account as a contact email? I don't even have a "sharer" button in the freaking app. I messaged them twice and they just give me a canned email back saying the same thing.


  • The Share button will promote Amazon only if you select "Target Amazon" in the App Info Tab in Andromo before building, you may just have it set to "target Playstore".

  • @vyperapps: Yeah, it's like tamworthheat says - use the Amazon as target before building the app and you'll be fine.
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