Andromo App Maker Has Been Acquired!

Dear Andromo Member,

Seven years ago, during the deep dark Canadian winter, we set out to change the way that people create apps [A Brief History of App Crunchiness]. We wanted to democratize the app making process. Make it possible for anyone to create apps, even if they’d never coded a day in their life.

Since then, over 750,000 people have signed up on Together you have built 700,000 projects, performed 1.3 million app builds, and achieved hundreds of millions of installs. Your apps have seen billions and billions of user sessions. Not too shabby for people who “don’t know how to code,” wouldn’t you say?

Today we take the next step.

Indigo Rose Software is excited to announce that Andromo App Maker has been acquired by a private investment group and reorganized under the new company Andromo BV. Based in the Netherlands, Andromo BV brings more financial resources, experience, people and ideas to the table. They are well positioned to strengthen and enhance what everyone knows and loves about Andromo.

Andromo’s mission is still the same: Help people make apps without coding. Give them the tools to start their own app business and never look back. However, there will now be more resources available to improve and expand Andromo. To introduce new services. To make things better, easier and more profitable for app developers.

Customers can expect the switch to be seamless: all projects, apps, logins and customer details will carry over. Any paid subscription time and details will be transferred to and honored by Andromo BV. Customers are their top priority.

Niels Benjamins, newly appointed CEO of Andromo BV, had this to say:

“At Andromo BV we are looking forward to start working with this great platform. We have some awesome plans to make Andromo even more user-friendly and add exciting new features and activities to the platform. Plus, we are going to introduce easier ways to start earning money through the applications you make with Andromo. By giving Andromo the resources and attention it needs, and working closely with all of the content creators who use Andromo (who we see as our partners), we know we can create something truly special together.”

Finally, I’d like to say that none of this would have been possible if not for the amazing rock star programmers here at Indigo Rose (Lorne Laliberte, Darryl Hnatiuk and alumni Mark Mruss), along with all of our loyal customers.

Thanks to all of you for helping to make Andromo awesome.

Here’s to the future! It’s going to be great.


Colin Adams, President
Indigo Rose Software Corporation


  • Thank you guys too for the excellent support and help during the years.
    I am a little concerned over how the acquisition actually works.
    Is your team still going to be the "decision makers" of Andromo, and you simply receive extra funds (and personnel) or you are going to exit the project and let others take over?
  • How soon will we hear more from the new owners so we don't worry about the future of our apps?
  • Hey guys - The new team will be on here shortly taking over support and the site operation. I'm sure some of the old guys will pop in on occasion to say hello (like me- "hello!"), but you'll be seeing a new group of people take over our roles.

    No worry about your apps and projects at all. As mentioned in the post above, the new company has committed to honoring all existing subscriptions. Over the next few months a lot of cool new features and monetization options are planned by them. They're super pumped to improve everything about Andromo! Just a couple hiccups getting to support/forums, but they are on it and things should be running smoothly in a few days.
  • Thanks for all your great work, guys. You've enabled many of us to quit our jobs and do this full time. Your service illiterately changed our lives for the better. You were the only app maker around to offer affordable plans, yet your product was the best in the business. That's a combo that no one else was able to replicate - I'm sure it came with a few drawbacks for your team, but you can be prouder than anyone else in the business.

    I wish you all the best, @colinadams, @darryl and @lorne. After all these years, I felt like you're all my friends. I still keep in touch with Mark, who was also a great guy.

    I'm not working on apps anymore since beginning of 2017, but I still lurked around from time to time. This community, when many of the old-timers were still active, was one of the best on the web. The conversations were clean, informative and fun.

    I hope the new team will keep the "spirit" of Andromo and won't become like every other app maker out there, with never ending upsells, limitations and generic customer service.

    Thanks again! 
  • Hey!
    How are things going with the transition? The forum is awfully quiet lately. 
  • @anteos, Very quiet indeed. I too wonder what's happening with the transition?
  • I’m not too sure of their plans for the forums in particular. They never garnered much participation in the first place, but right now they are keeping them going nonetheless. I know they are working towards getting their new dev team up to speed on the Andromo code though. Lots of cool ideas for new things have been proposed, that’s for sure!
  • Anyway, if they decide to have the forums close due to lack of staff/moderators, I can apply for basic moderator duties. It's a pity if we lose this.
  • I am really busy fixing apps for holidays season, and revenue keeps dropping and and...

    But I thought I have to say something here.

    Ever since you announced the Andromo acquisition, the forum has died.

    The forum is not vital, but it is a good indication of what might be happening with the ownership.

    I personally consider it a bad practice that the new owner has not showed up here to say a word. I do not want him to answer questions, just introduce himself, say what the plans are, how soon we will keep rolling with new staff, etc etc.
    This does not show commitment to clients (or "partners" as he calls us, which is a joke because we are left blind on what is happening). And honestly it should not be left to Colin or other members to keep us up to date.

    But, my biggest worry is - is someone there monitoring stuff happening in the android world, preparing for possible problems and knowing how to fix them? What if tomorrow Google issues a new directive and things have to be changed? Are our apps secure and safe, with someone knowledgeable enough like Colin, Darryl and Lorne able to handle corrections, fixes as needed?

    We have probably been spoiled from the Andromo staff in the past, with top level support and fast reflexes - are things still same?

    Honestly, this is not just a rant. At the moment I am working 14hrs a day to fix apps, and I have a baby in the house needing full time attention from me. But I push them aside for 10mins, to type this and hope I will be heard.

    Thank you for your time, have a nice day/night.
  • Anteos is right. I dont know for other ppl here but I was expected a few words from new onwers with some plan for future. Its almost 3 months now and we still dont know anything and many ppl here based their jobs and all income on apps. Andromo is best builder online, there is space for some additional improvements and I hope that new owners will listen our, common users and add some things in future. We will see...
  • New owners... show yourselves
    • New owners... show yourselves *
  • Hey guys,
    No need to worry, new team is working hard to present 2019 as a big improvement year for Andromo community. :) A lot is coming, and you will be delighted with results. Will keep you postetd
  • Hello @andromoappmaker
    Thank you for your message, Let me also wish a belated Happy Holidays to all of the fellows in Andromo, users and staff alike.
    I really hope you do keep us posted, even if it is not that frequent. We do not rant here for fun, or as a joke, but because we are concerned over what is happening, in relation to our apps business and income.
    So there seems to be a new team formed that is working already? If yes, nice news.
  • Yes, Anteos,
    A new team formed and working to bring new and up to date stuff on Andromo. Working hard, and looking forward to bring additional value to all who have chosen Andromo
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