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  • dwellcorp
    hi there.. just badly need your help.. on 26/09/2018 i have made payment to extend my subscriptions plan..but today i cant make use my andromo,  "Your last payment failed" how it can be??

    here are my payment with paypal
    September 28
  • kamalberrak
    Hello i want to  upgrade my account buti can't pay with paypal
    March 25
  • netcash
    Hi Colin. Just would like to ask you to correct the year in About Dialog of apps from 2017 to 2018. 
    January 25
  • denniswealth
    HI, Goodevening
    i need strategies on how to get downloads.. i just made some apps..thank you

    December 2017
  • chempaka
    why simply deleted my post?
    May 2017
  • sefers1986
    How about 5 % of my returns? As u can see ive done good job on this app an idea is not bad. Also i have a few good app ideas. 
    Just that i am broke at the moment.
    February 2017
  • colinadams changed his profile picture.
    August 2016
  • adelinewong
    Hey, are you the admin of Andromo Forum?
    January 2016
  • tamworthheat
    I am uploading my app to amazon store and its asking me for a binary file? Whats that?
    August 2013
  • timothystokes
    ive built my app with andromo and want to create and embed my add like the one from andromo that pops up, how do i do this in andromo? it seems everyone is talking about SDK and java ? which is not as easy as andromo :(
    May 2012