optimization interstitial ads

to the new owners, could you optimize interstitial ads
currently ads are shown after around 3-5 activity clicks, the pre loading is not very effective which means loss of revenue i have stopped using andromo due to this
also could you implement interstitial on every activity asa a option, this should increase most people revenue and add much value to andromo



  • That would ruin your app and send away the remaining of your users.
    Without users, you don't make money.
    Be serious with interstitial, don't get greedy.
  • Completely disagree with Mr @anteos here. I use seattle clouds and andromo and seattle clouds apps makes 10x the money as compared to andromo apps with same users because their interstetial ads come often as compared to andromo.
    I have been making tons of money via apps since last 3 years and that's only possible because of seattle clouds.
    Andromo apps don't even make 30% of what SC can make because of the ads system that andromo uses.
  • I would say it depends on your apps. Do you hit and run? I mean you want the user to see your ads and you dont give a shit for him uninstalling soon because you will get other users on his place? Then all OK.
    I want loyal people.
    But still, what the guy is requesting - good luck waiting for it. They are so busy they cannot even talk here. Do you expect that suggestions at this time will be heard?

  • i have switched to seattle clouds too, earning are much higher, anteos at least we can have the option?
  • @naqshbandi
    Are you confused? I am just a user like you. I am not an Andromo staff person.
  • But if you uncheck "Require several interactions before showing an interstitial ad" then interstitial will jump after first activity click. And then you can setup 2 min between interstitials. At seattlecloud you can make that interstitial jump at every activity but Admob will shut down that ads.
  • @biljasut ; Admob has never shut down ads on SC apps unless u violated some TAC.

    No point in speculating unnecessary.
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