Will Androme change the monetization?

Hi, I have a question.

With the acquisition of andromo by the new owners, will they change the percentage of profits in advertising? Or will life always be 100% profit for us?


  • if they do many including myself will leave, its very hard to make money as it is
  • johao_2017
    Why this question?
  • Hi, we've not made any changes to your revenue shares. All the revenue from monetization is 100% yours. We have no plans to change that. We provide you with the platform to make your apps and earn money, that's all. 

    If anything, we are testing new ad formats that will increase your earning potential.
  • @mon73
     because I saw some comments about the income of andromo, in a facebook group, I do not remember the name, and they talked about the issue that the income has gone down and it is possible that 100% of income is no longer for us, that's why I had this question.
  • @absordor
    Glad to hear that :+1:  Please, keep letting us know when you notice something is off or when you just have a great idea to share

  • @mon73
    which facebook group?
  • Hey guys, do you want to make even more with your apps?
    We added Andromo Ads (not replacing Admob or other monetization methods) to help you earn even more. See the detailed information here: https://forums.andromo.com/discussion/2529/app-monetization-introducing-andromo-ads
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