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App Monetization: Introducing Andromo Ads

Introducing Andromo Ads

Andromo team unveils probably most exciting update yet - Andromo Ad Platform! 

This is our very own ad monetization service designed specifically for Apps built with Andromo and it expands your revenue potential exponentially! 

This is not a replacement for Admob or the other ad networks on our platform, nor it will impact performance of your existing selected ad networks. It is complementary to what you already have. You can only gain.

Currently, the process is not fully automated, and for those wishing to enable this feature, please reach out to our managers:, - they will assist you further. On average it should not take more than 2-3 days to enable set up and this feature, and will not require any significant effort from you. 

In short, Andromo Ads currently includes wide range of advertisers who will be able to access your apps/inventory through Andromo Ads. Andromo will offer probably best in market net15 payouts meaning you will receive all revenue made with Andromo Ads within 15 days after the end of the month when revenue has been generated. Currently, those are interstitial ads that will be available for placing on your apps, but we strive to add Rewarded Video and other formats in near future.

Andromo Ads technology has been thoroughly tested and possesses no known errors. 

To find out more about this new program, read our blog here.
Cheers, and happy Monetization

Andromo Team


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    Hey everyone!
    I'm Mary,
    We are your dedicated Andromo Ads support team. Please feel free to ask any questions about the Platform and its technology.
    Telegram mariannamar

  • Hi guys, nice to e-meet you all! Will be my pleasure to help you earn more with Andromo Ads B)  
    Ping me anytime:
    Skype we_daria
    Telegram Arjad_D
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    Hey everyone!
    We can see that the most common question from the Adnromo's devs is about the interference with other ads.
    So the answer is that Andromo Ads mediation won't either reduce nor ruin the other ads as it doesn't interfere with them or doesn't take impressions off them.
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