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App Monetization: Introducing Andromo Ads



  • @rikkiblakk
    I had to uncheck, rebuild, and upload the new version to disable on mine.
  • edited October 31
    Thank you.
  • it turns out like that's the way it works. grateful I just activated one application for Andromo ads. maybe I need to rebuild by disabling Andromo ads
  • Thanks @pegasoftcorp for posting your experience with the andromo ads. I wanted to incorporate andromo ads but after reading your posts i am now reluctant to.

    I have a question though, guys that have implemented andromo ads alongside admob did that affected your admob earnings negatively?

    To avoid bombarding users with the andromo ads, i think you can just tell them to make time between interstitials 2mins.

    If my app is making x$ using admob only and will continue to make that x$ even when i add andromo ads then it will be a good idea to add andromo ads. My earnings will then be x$-admob and y$-andromoAds. Was this your experience ?? Andromo claims that this will be the case but i want to confirm from you guys that have tried the andromo ads.
  • @akadone2
    Enabling Andromo ads didn't affect my Admob earnings. It continued to be the same X$, just as the andromo team claimed.
  • Dears

    After I enable Enable Andromo Ads feature and updated my app in google play, they send me an email that :-After a recent review     ( has been removed from Google Play.
    Publishing Status
    Publishing status: Suspended
    Your app has been suspended and removed due to a policy violation.
    Reasons of violation
    Issue: Violation of Malicious Behavior policy
    We don’t allow apps that steal data, secretly monitor or harm users, or are otherwise malicious

    Would you help and how to fix this issue that caused of Andromo Ads

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