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  • @nickdavies100 to continue my explanation, when you click on "Replace" it tells you that "When you replace this APK, the new APK retains the same device support selections as the previous APK. To remove the previous device support selections, delete the APK instead of replacing it." This statement should be shown on the main screen, to avoid this misunderstanding.
  • @tholyoak
    I get this error now when doing that :)
    • Failed to upload APK. A APK with higher minSDK version must have a higher version code. 
      The APK you just uploaded with version code: 10 and minSDK version: 16, conflicts with an existing APK with version code: 26 and minSDK version: 10.
  • It sounds like you're trying to replace a newer APK with an older one.
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    No, its a very old app made several years ago. Trying to update ad network on it. Most of the others are working fine.
  • Sounds like you need to talk to Amazon support about it. It appears to be unique to that app if you followed the steps I gave (they work for me on all my apps, every time).
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    Update info:
    15 May 2019
    - Add "Rate Us Pop-Up" feature (Professional plan);
    - Fixed a big bunch of errors. Please, update your apps, if you see such method calls in your crash stack traces (Google Play Dev Console):
    1. com.bumptech.glide.manager.* and *.AndromoActivity.onDestroy
    2. android.view.View.performClick and *.Dashboard_*.onItemClick
    3. *.Web*.*.onReceivedError and android.view.ViewRootImpl.setView
  • From now support service with new design and functionality available for this link - https://support.andromo.com/add-ticket
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    So you've basically taken away the ability to see other support requests that might be helpful. :(
  • Update info:
    10 June 2019
    - Add push notification service - OneSignal (with more tariff plans and more attractive prices ) more info here;
    - Fixed a big bunch of errors. Please, update your apps, if you see such method calls in your crash stack traces (Google Play Dev Console): *Activity.onStop()
  • thanks for the new PN service, I was able to increase users engagement hence increasing daily revenue as well. Looking forward to have option to disable PN inside the app!
  • @irfanarghi Thanks for your suggestion we are working on.
  • Hello there,

    I have added OneSignal to one of my Apps but there's no data showing in Firebase Analytics as you said. I setup everything correctly, the notification is working but no data of any kind in Firebase Analytics?
  • @mataan I guess that I'm not only one who need firebase 

    Is there plan to put Firebase option in Andromo project outside of " OneSignal " option ?

    I personally need soon as possible valid and proper work of tool / option Firebase in Andromo maker.

    Google Analytics  will be shutdown soon for free use  and I heavily using some data from my apps .
    Also we have every month some new update(s) from Developer console and many of us can't wait any longer for small update(s)  which don't  resolving our requests .

    I hope this update platform will be soon done because you put as in very bad positions. 

  • I have to say I am not at all impressed with the "support service with new design and functionality." None of the of the support cases I have submitted have been resolved, but they've been closed anyway. And I got an (apparently) automated e-mail asking how I would rate the support I received, I got an error when I tried to respond: "403 Customer satisfaction rating is turned off."

    Andromo has really gone downhill since the original owners abandoned us. It used to be terrific, and now I'm wondering if it will still be around a year from now.
  • Update info:
    28 June 2019
    - Update target API level to 28 (Android 9.0);
    - Add option in the app to switch on or off push notifications in OneSignal service.
  • @andromoappmaker

    Is 'firebase' tool work properly after this update ??

  • @mww_apps Unfortunately, no. We are now working on it and will announce about that here when it will be in the release.
  • April 9 @tech_support mentioned

    Update info:
    We should note with regret, that with the implementation of more customizable interstitial timings, we were confronted with the problem of many builds failed in our users.
    So for now, we are returning old interstitial ad timings until we solve this problem.
    Thank you for your understanding, your Andromo team.

    It's being 3 months and nothing has changed for Admob interstitial timings going back to 15 to 30 seconds. I have not touched my apps since. When is this going to be solved 3 months is way too long to resolve and not communicate back to us about this. Please to not mention you have got Andromo Ads interstitial timings which has nothing to do with Admob.
  • Good afternoon sorry I am new to the forum please if you could help me I enrolled in the affiliate program the truth and they are going for two months and they do not answer me I can not enter to see the links I do not know how they could help me please. fabianamigo1@gmail.com
  • @carlosfabianfonsecasuarez7 Please, create a ticket in our support here and we try to resolve your problem.
  • Requesting the attention of @tech_support @andromoappmaker for adding an essential feature in OneSignal integration

    Presently we are not able to open any activity/section inside the app through OneSignal notifications. 
    In Airbop it was possible by putting the activity URL as target URL while compiling the notification. Say andromo://rss74074 as the target URL
    The whole charm of OneSignal is lost if this essential feature is not available. So kindly requesting the Andromo team to escalate the priority of this fix and add it to Andromo app maker with the next minor update.
  • @pegasoftcorp Thank you for the information, we are now working on it.
  • Update info:
    23 July 2019
    - Add Google Firebase Analytics service. More information about the integration process here.
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    Update info:
    24 July 2019
    - Add direct link functionality from push notification to activity (OneSignal).
    For it, you just must rebuild your app and then copy "Activity URL " and paste it to the "Launch URL" field in OneSignal admin panel.
  • @andromoappmaker
    Sorry to inform that the above update for direct link is not working.
    I rebuild the apps and followed exact steps and still the home page is opening instead of the particular activity.
    I tried with two of my apps and both had the same results.
    Please have a look again at the fix
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    Please, give us more information about your case in our support service here.
  • @andromoappmaker
    Submitted the ticket at #445
    It has all the details of the app and also onesignal settings that I used
  • Update info:
    29 July 2019
    - Updated Facebook SDK.
    If you had any problems with Facebook Ad, just rebuild your app.

  • @andromoappmaker   

    Thanks on adding " Firebase " option  , really appreciate it  👍
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