Alert the andromo community again - Urgent

I talk more about the problem in this other post

I will once again alert the andromo community to the low yields of apps made with andromo!
Unfortunately I still haven't got a response from the andromo team publicly ...

Yields of apps made with andromo are much lower compared to an app made without andromo.

Even being built with the new builder.
Unfortunately I don't speak English, and I use google translate and I can't express myself ...

But it is really worrying that the ad does not generate the money it has potential.


  • Indeed, I have seen too that the yield is low, hopefully someone from Andromo can explain this, thank you. Requests in my account are about the double against the impressions.
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    My new apps, one made with andromo; another one made by me with ad positions recommended by google in which I speak in this topic!

    Do you think I'm being boring? Why do you publish an app on google play? To make money! The bad placement of the ad is making you stop earning the money you would earn ...

    Unfortunately see the negative results of the app made with andromo!

    I simply want to alert the andromo team because the andromo tool is perfect! But we need an interstitial ad splash after the splash! For those who do not want this announcement just put option to enable / disable.

    sorry bad english is google translator.

  • I agree that having the ability to show an interstitial ad straight after the splash intro would be ideal. 
  • Hablamos de una perdida de ingresos de casi el doble... Por cierto en la nueva plataforma no han habilitado ni siquiera la opción temporal de los anuncios. Es una lástima que éste proceso siga repitiéndose desde hace varios años a pesar de la cantidad de advertencias y recomendaciones de desarrolladores, que si no remedian pronto terminarán marchándose como la mayoría, ya que no se puede sostener una economía de esta forma.
  • Splash pages have historically been discouraged by Google, unless you have a need for it. Your comparisons between Andromo and not aren't valid unless we know what kind of app you're comparing, how many downloads, what your user retention is like, etc.

    I have thousand of loyal users that don't want a cheap-looking app with ads always popping up in their face.
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    Google He recommends the ad after the splash... I really don't know where you got the information they don't like after the splash.

    My admob manager recommended this post:

    Unfortunately, he said the ad placement for andromo apps is bad!

    This is even repeated in many other apps that I have made with andromo and without andromo.

    Apps are from the same niche and are in the same keyword search ... I create an app on andromo, I see that the app gave a good amount of download, At this point I create an (simple) app on java with good ad posioneted after seeing that it is a good keyword and yield is almost triple ... Unfortunately, the performance of the andromo app is affected by poor AdMob ad placement.

    After questioning andromo they said they have no plans for the near future for improvements after the splash!

    Unfortunately it is us who are at a loss!

    I exchange emails constantly with my google admob manager ...

  • @mitigante
    There is no secret formula for the ad to make much more money ...



    The ad displayed when the user expects the content is much more frustrating!

    Ad after the splash generates good results, because the client ends up seeing the ad ... Unfortunately you can give your generated app here to a friend and ask them to use it ... closing the ad when it moves is almost immediate .. Because he knows that content is different from what he expects.
  • What's sadder about this is that it's easy to implement, but the andromo team seems to be limited ...
    Andromo user performance (which we are we) has to be a priority admob is our only form of income in andromo...

    To this day we are not able to make in-app sales this is a shame! I've been here for 3 years now and only hear promises ... And almost no evolution.

    The promised update at the beginning of the year they left for 2020 ...
    New Builder released for new users. While the old user does not receive; This is like preferring new friends over old ones.

    Unfortunately in all other platform, old users are being heard: suggestions, reclamations and more.

    I see different here in the andromo, hardly the topics are answered by team andromo; They only answer topics that suit them!
  • "I really don't know where you got the information they don't like after the splash."

    That's not what I said. I said that Google actually recommends - to Android developers - not to have a splash screen at all. The advice you're pointing to is basically a workaround if you insist on showing ads first thing to your users. But my users don't want to open my apps just to see an ad. That's a sign of a junky app that's just after money. My apps are about providing a good experience for my users in the long term. I've got people that have been using my apps for years, and I intend to keep them happy.
  • Would be awesome that Andromo Team throw their opinion on this matter.
  • @tholyoak
    Friend besides using andromo for my basic projects I am a developer and I didn't find 1 place in the google docs that indicates not using splash activity, can you really give me the google link where they recommend not to use splash?
    Feel free to look here is the link:

    In the last 3 years when I saw the lucrative business, I sank into studies I made close with JAVA but today I work with flutter after several courses already create good apps and even as I said I use andromo as bait to find good keywords, develop an app fast and basic so I can post in a few hours and this keyword being good I can focus my development on a good app!

    Best of all, andromos apps are small and position well in search and quickly; But with a low rating due to the problem that a large percentage of people uninstall the app on first use; It's common in all apps (

    It is also difficult to make a user interact with the app, there is the problem of andromo that he usually does not display the ad to 100% of users who download your application and with this may lose potential clicks and as I said CPC = yield

    As this print app I did in andromo I saw that it is a great research and in the following 24 hours already developed a app in flutter ...

    But my andromo app was better positioned (for now) but its performance can still be lower than the app released later, if andromo put this splash option I could earn more in the 2 apps.

    Now thinking as a community if I can, everyone can win...
  • I have high rated apps that have retained users for 7 years that I made with Andromo. But I will admit they are made for a particular niche where people don't really have any other choices. But if there are too many ads shown, I do lose users. I've learned that the hard way over the years.

    Google used to recommend against using splash screens, but apparently that changed with Material Design. Users in general still hate them, though.
  • I see that your main argument has already dropped, but finally I use the ad after Splash and rarely see complaints about ad!  I understand you, but can not stand against without testing, what I propose is an option to enable and disable and if you do not want to just do not activate!  but the andromo team sent me an email saying they put it on the production list after finalizing the new builder updates.
  • I agree with @kellvemalves
    Andromo shall provide this splash feature and give users the option to enable or disable it. Everything requires experimentation. Test it and if no complains and revenue increased then keep it otherwise disable it and update your simple as that.

    Andromo we need your say on this matter please.
  • @kellvemalves , so, it is supposed to be implemented (splash feature) by Andromo Team?
  • @rikkiblakk ;
    They positioned themselves via ticket but so far nothing public.
    I did several tests and saw the following scenario:

    The customer opens the app and if they quickly click on 1 item or have slow mobile internet the interstitial ad not displayed;
    This is a huge loss as the interstitial is the app's biggest revenue.

    And that's why apps made with andromo have such a bad recipe;

    On average 1/3 of the requested ads are shown below:

    My app has requested 1.46 million ads:
    Showed only 570,000
    Total income $ 695
    RPM 1.20 dollars

    If the app had shown 1/2 the above yield would be $ 876, At least I stopped earning $ 181 in just 1 app

    With the splash delay the interstitial will have time to load and more interstitial ads will be displayed.

    Quick add splash solution in apps with on / off option.

    Ultimate solution add splash + interstitial after splash
  • @kellvemalves

    always appreciate your input, it would be awesome if Andromo Team can take a look on this and give options to improve app earnings, for sure it is the point to create apps.
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    @colinadams @andromoappmaker @rikkiblakk
    That's boring, you read other topics and see the andromo team responding and see that they respond what they want and when they want it!

    See that your opinion is worth nothing and that they answer what they think is necessary.

    My thinking here is to improve andromo, I know the team is busy, but what it costs to do a logic that displays a preloader so that the customer only pass the next screen after seeing the announcement.

    This action alone would increase my gain and much!
    Or better at least answer the topic!
  • Andromo Team should preview on what they are working now related to improvements. For me, ads related improvements would be great.
  • Very interesting thread, and definitely something that needs to be addressed by the Andromo team.  I am losing heart with this Andromo platform.  I signed up in June and created three pretty decent apps so far. I've barely made any ad revenue yet despite the fact that my three apps each have over 1000 downloads and lots of excellent reviews.  Perhaps over 1000 downloads isn't anything to brag about.  I'm new at this but I expected to be making some money by now.  Maybe I'm doing something wrong, I did learn that sending too many "push notifications" is not a good idea and leads to uninstalls.  I don't use Andromo ads, and Admob seems to be the only ad platform that generates any revenue, but I'm still not earning any money yet.  

    Losing heart in Philadelphia, 
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    @gppacana44 sorry my english, friend i have enough experience to say that you are on the right track, an app with 1000 downlaods and well placed ads would yield an average of 1 to 3 usd days, remembering that it has to be fast and consistent downloads eg: 100 install every day;

    Try to find good keywords with Google Trends or Other search volume keywords, clickbait within the policies and friend, endorsement above 4.0 is already good!

    Remember you are a builder you are limited! It is much more important that you make good money than having a 4.7 rating; up to 3.9 it is already less than that it is risky your app to be banned from the store.

    The focus is always on finding words with high volumes of research and always positioning yourself in them, this generates downloads and downloads generates clicks and clicks generates money
  • kellvemalves Thank you so much for the positive feedback and for the recommendations. I will not give up!! I will just work harder and smarter. Thanks Gregory
  • Don't have news about updates from ads optimization per part of andromo team!
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