app-ads.txt - do you already use it?

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I think this can be done without changing anything in the app itself? I haven't read the full document yet, but I wonder, is anyone already using it?


  • @hendrixs Thanks for your suggestion, we will add this functionality to our feature list.
  • @andromoappmaker, that would be great. AdMob has sent out an email saying that advertisers are increasingly omitting apps without present, because this file helps against ad clicking frauds.
  • How can we add this?
  • @andromoappmaker, could you please let us know how to proceed with this to avoid losing earnings?
  • After reading the e-mail that Google/Admob sent, nothing needs to be done in the apps themselves. "Publish your file on the root of your developer website as listed on Google Play or the App Store." So you just need to create a file and put it on your own website, which you have listed on Google Play.
  • @tholyoak Good to know! I'll get to this tomorrow morning and see if I can prepare the file on my own.
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    @tholyoak, ok, then, I do need to own a website, correct?
  • I don´t know if this is affecting my apps, but earnings reduced a lot. :(
  • @RikkiBlakk In essence, you need a web hosting provider yes. You can go with the cheapest option. Alternatively, I think you can put the file on, for example, pCloud (Public Folder) and point the domain there. This option would be free (except for the cost of the domain).
  • @hendrixs , do you have the app-ads.txt file in your website?, do you think this affects earnings?
  • Has anyone notice decreased revenue because of this?, @hendrixs I see that you are about to implement, my bad.
  • Did anyone implement this and notice an improvement?
  • I haven't yet. Apps are not my main business anymore, so I'll get to this when I'll have more time (probably in the next week or so).
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    I finally implemented it yesterday. I wasn't in a hurry because my ad revenue has been increasing recently anyway. Because of that, I'm not sure whether I'll be able to tell if it makes a difference, unless the difference is sudden and huge.
  • I added the file to root of website, but still admob doesn´t show that is implemented, do yours is working ok?
  • It took a day, but yes, Admob says it's working for all my apps.
  • I implemented successfully too now.
  • how you change the domain of andromo to own site on google play please answer me guys

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