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Okay, so apparently Airbop is no more and I have integrated OneSignal. The problem is that on the OneSignal users dashboard, there is an error for each user: Google Play Services Library Error-Google play services library initialization error. Check for conflicting plugins and make sure "" is in your AndroidManifest.xml. Check the logical for more details. We build our apk, download it, and then submit to the Google Play Console for role out....Andromo does all the coding. How am I to resolve this?


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    I tried a whole new app and it still doesn't work. Andromo needs to step up. This is a serious issue! I will not renew my subscription this year if this doesn't get fixed. This is ridiculous.
  • You can close this. Issue only happens with emulator...once production app is live, real users have no issue. I figured it out.
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