What are 2 things you do most on your smartphone?

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Besides talk and text, what are 2 things that you do most on your smartphone? For example, email, playing games, browsing the web, news, getting directions, social networking (fb, twitter) etc. Just thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's experiences are.


  • I write checklists alot and play Angry birds
  • Well, email and web are a given of course...

    But, I really like getting news and updates. Plus I love trying out new apps.
  • Twitter is probably my most-used app these days. Dipping into a stream of short posts makes a lot of sense on a mobile device.

    I really like the new Places app -- it has always worked well, but the new look is way cleaner, and I find myself wanting to use it more.

    Google Navigation is just super, too.

    One of my favorite apps in terms of design is the Flixster Movies app. It's just really well made.

    Amazon's Kindle app is pretty nice, I like that it keeps my ebooks in sync between my Kindle and the phone.

    For guitar I use a nice tabulature app called TabApp Pro. Nice and simple.

    I find I use Pulse a fair bit, although I often wish it would show me more content within the original webview, instead of launching the external browser to read the full article...some news sites really aren't very well optimized for mobile browses, and they can take a while to load on 3G. I'm far too impatient these days! :)

    As far as games go, I really like the Wordplay app.
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