Andromo Easy Start and other news

Hello guys.

Today we have launched a beautiful Easy Start Wizard with pre-made templates for the most popular types of applications. Log in into the builder and click on the "Easy Start" button on top. Please let me know what do you think!

Earlier previous week we have enabled Facebook and Google login buttons which many of you have already seen on the login and registration pages. The very best part is that if you have the same email in both Facebook (or Google) and in Andromo, we know it's you so you can use both ways to log in. I personally use the Facebook login button. Much faster than entering password!

Also: from now on, you will see more of technical news in the "What's new" tab inside the builder. We will do our best to populate faster and provide more details.

PS: And yes, more of the Andromo team will be present on this forum from now on. Feel free to reach out to me here in forums for discussion topics and as always our support is ready for your inquiries 24x7.


  • when will you provide the features mentioned in your promo video ???
  • @Andromo team Thank You! Great templates! Wish You to move on!
  • Your new "Easy Start" is cool. It give us better ideas to star new apps. Thank you for your improvements, and I will be waiting for more news =)
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    That´s great, I m checking right now the builder. Happy to hear this from the Andromo Team and that they are going to be more present on forum.
  • Very nice job guys! Thanks for all of the hard work.
  • Thanks everyone! Your support means a lot to us.
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    Great modifications to Andromo. Unfortunately, I will not renew my subscription due to poor interstitial advertising
  • Wow, something absolutely no one wanted. However, the one thing that everyone has been wanting, native admob ads, hasn't been introduced after years of requests.
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    Indeed earnings improvements on apps are expected, because of advertisement better development will make my decision of renew subscription or not, hopefully this will get better too.
  • Appbrain banner pls
  • When will you have the promised iOS target working?
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    Some good news are coming up in terms of ads and monetization. Please stay tuned.

    iOS target is something that we're working on. Right now it basically works internally and we'll be ready to invite early testers to check it up in the late summer.
  • @EgorEgorov , very happy about this last post, eager for ads and monetization improvements. And interesting to hear about iOS target.
  • @EgorEgorov , how long for ads and monetization announcement and improvement as iOS target is until late summer, hope it is soon.


  • Regarding monetization and ads we'll have some exciting news to share in a couple of weeks.

  • @EgorEgorov , great, eager to hear about it, can´t wait.


  • Hello! Which account shall I use to log in when I need to register in app ads?

  • Pls is just a question. If I suscribe one month. And I developed app. After exhuste and I did not renew, my app will stop funtion? Like trial do after 7 days. Tnx

  • Hello, @EgorEgorov , could you provide status regarding monetization and ads announcement?

  • I will surely post the update once we have it. Rest assured the team is all in working on this for a certain time already and we really, really want to share the great news as soon as possible!

  • I observed that now only one app can be built at a time (2 apps for the previous builder). Is this also a new update for Starter plan customer?

  • @permchai yes, the number of parallel builds has been limited. And we also have a daily/monthly quota although very large. This is to prevent abuse of our service.

  • Help me

     Hello adromo's support team,

     I am currently building a news app that works as a rss feed, and I fold the error as follows: the application loads very slowly when I post in rss showing more than 100 articles if I display less then The application loads quickly but cannot read older posts so how to display an extra button to download more news. Thanks

  • Hi,

    I have an Andromo Professional subscription for years and I've set automatic payment renewal on my paypal account. Today I got a notification that said my subscription is expired.

    I've checked my paypal payment history and it shows that the automatic payment for the renewal subscription is already made from my paypal account.

    Please help resolve the issue asap. Thank you.

  • @EgorEgorov why you guys keep promising iOS apps when Apple banned all apps made with template platforms like this one?

  • @k3000 it's a bit tricky. Indeed Apple doesn't want templated Apps to be published to App Store, but this is a rule about the content of the App, not the technology itself.

  • How long have you not updated your app builder system, Facebook ads have updated to the new sdk, you have not added new features either. really spend more than $ 200 worth it. I'm thinking about whether I should continue to rank with you? so you will lose customers only. I hope you update your app builder before it's too late

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