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  • thumbtapgames

    Hello Egor, not sure of your position with Andromo but pressing concern is about the Andromo Affiliate program and why I can't get paid for promoting your App Building platform. I probably sent 100 support inquires and emails about this and I always get the run around. But to keep it short this was my last email about this issue. Been member since 2013.

    My affiliate link: https://builder.andromo.com/?aaii=20251.128fad is on this account and speaking of Affiliate account (which is the real reason for this email). I received this email saying this is how the new affiliate program will work (see attachment)

    I started using the new link and change all links in My videos. This was on April 18. I requested to have my affiliate statistics and got a reply back from Roman saying no affiliate sales yet (this was on May 1) now I understand the 14 day trial, but I should have at least 1 because I signed up on my own affiliate link: https://builder.andromo.com/?aaii=20251.128fad and paid the $12 just to see if commission were counted (April 21).I showed proof of payment in an attachment.

    So for me to have no affiliate sales is wrong. I should have at least 1. Now since I started using the new affiliate link, I have had 39 subscribers to my Aweber subscriber list (Starting from 4-18-2020 to 5-13-2020).Soon as a user subscribes to this page: https://bit.ly/AndromoAppsCoursex they are taken to my affiliate link https://builder.andromo.com/?aaii=20251.128fad.

    Not trying to be difficult or hard to get along with but it's been 6 months now dealing with your affiliate program and I have not received any commissions on anything and that's not including the 498 clicks I got on your old affiliate dashboard (see attachment old dashboard)

    So according to the email with the new affiliate instructions "The statistics is currently available by request" I would like to request my statistics from April 18, 2020 to 5-13-2020 for the affiliate link https://builder.andromo.com/?aaii=20251.128fad

    I have over 54 Youtube tutorial videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuiv8cSS7K2XLnc9DGKmvrff09TiupDky on how to use Andromo with thousands of views and hundreds of comments.There is no way I should have no affiliate commissions.

    May 29
  • devtarik


    I would like a refund request that I paid ultera that was paid by Paypal with a price of $ 432,00 USD I used to think I would pay it is $ 36 usd

    Now I want a refund of $ 432.00. I hope you accept my order. Thank you

    May 23
  • RomanJuly


    May 22
  • devfreakapp

    Hello EgorEgorov,

    I have pro plan 2 year ago now showing me limitation of new apps but when i bought said no limit in pro plan. this is not fair with old customers.

    May 20
  • Furnitureinteriaa

     As a free user, you can not turn off the ads in your app or use any of the features below.

    Upgrade to a paid subscription now and you'll be able to show ads using your own account and/or turn off the ads and sell your app on Google Play etc.

    Interstitial ads appear "between" activities in your app. Since they really grab the user's attention, they are much more effective than banner ads and generally pay more as well — but you don't want to show them too frequently.

    Time between Interstitials

    Interstitials are disabled

    I Found This THY{E OF Popoup

    May 16
  • RikkiBlakk

    Hi, I added amazon ads in monetization from app, but when tested ads don´t show up, is there any issue on your end regarding this matter?, it display the bottom rectangle with dark background when app is open, but no banner from amazon ads.

    Best regards.

    May 10
  • RikkiBlakk

    Hello, saw that more options are on monetization, great, only thing that I noticed it is that splash screen doesn´t give the option to include a customized picture for the splash screen, on tests that option was available, I made one already for that purpose, can that be added?

    Best regards and appreciate the improvement, now about to test.

    May 9
  • mahmoudyaserradwan

    I subscribed to Andromo $ 28 an hour ago, but a message comes to me that the tambourine revived the examination even though I set up an application and then what the problem disappeared

    April 12