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Hello World,

Andoromo is on a mission to simplify App creation for millions of people around the world, and today we are happy to announce that we’ve moved one step further. 

We have launched Stripe payment system which allows users from any country securely and seamlessly pay with their credit cards and bring their ideas to life. 

There are many more new tools and features that are coming up soon which will help to design the best mobile experience for your audience and grow your business. 
Stay tuned!


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    Appreciate improvement, even though is not my case, they are welcome (improvements). Waiting for announcements on what new is coming, and if these new improvements are beneficial for members that monetize via ads, some of it has been commented on forum. Cheers.
  • Hi,

    I have an Andromo Professional subscription for years and I've set automatic payment renewal on my paypal account. Today I got a notification that said my subscription is expired.

    I've checked my paypal payment history and it shows that the automatic payment for the renewal subscription is already made from my paypal account.

    Please help resolve the issue asap. Thank you.

  • The same here. Is there any news?? Support?

  • Same for me, my Andromo Yearly Subscription has been canceled and in the account it says expires June 26th..

  • @PatronusHelppoint @UsefulTools.DE @Anonymous Don't worry! You projects stays intact, no one is going to close your account, everything stays perfectly fine. We have canceled a few subscriptions done with the very first PayPal account of Andromo. Those of you who paid to the old account will have to purchase the new plan once your current plan expires. Just like most of you do anyway.

    I suggest all of you get in touch with support in case you have any question.

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    Thank you for your reply. We have been using Andromo for a long time and helped to build up and support as much as possible. We were told, that we can keep our Subscription as long as we like and the amount we have to pay stays the same.

    When Andromo has been aquired we wer told the following:

    Customers can expect the switch to be seamless: all projects, apps, logins and customer details will carry over. Any paid subscription time and details will be transferred to and honored by Andromo BV. Customers are their top priority.

    I actually think it is not the spirit of Andromo.. But you got me.. I paid now for the Professional Plan with StayHomePro.. Hope it will be worth it..

    Regards Patronus

  • @PatronusHelppoint there were less than ten customers still left directly paying to the very first PayPal account. And indeed nothing changed for them, we have migrated their payments.

    So, this is basically a non-issue.

  • Hello there,

    I'm writing you to complain that I have no access to building apps, and I noticed that I find this message:

    " Your trial period has expired. Please subscribe today to one of the paid plans to create multiple apps, enable additional features and monetize your apps with ads."

    You must know that I've paid my yearly subscription via paypal on February the 2nd 2020 (249 $)

    I hope that you will solve this problem soon.

    Thanks in advance

  • @yosefjoe Please get in touch with support, we will resolve your issue immediately.

  • Shountcast radio player should be add-on to turn the sound on or off. the radio should turn on and turn off the listening sound

  • @EgorEgorov I too am having this problem as i have been a member since 2015. I must be one of the 10 you mentioned.

    I have contacted support as per your suggestion and will await their resolution. Thanks

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