Exciting new monetization opportunities in Andromo



  • Any update on when are going to be available monetization new features?, you said mid April.

  • This is painful. What could possibly be taking so long?

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    Additional Monetization options and new features in mid April? We're in May in just few hours!

    This is more than painful and it's not the first time. Your customers losing trust!

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    @EgorEgorov The fast way to increase revenue: add interstitial ads timing option under 2 minutes. Please add this option back again.

  • Don't get your hopes up, guys. The new "monetization features" are a splash screen and 30 second interstitial ads. It seriously took them over a month to implement something that could have been done in an hour. Remember when Andromo was purchased a year a half ago and all those promises about new features and monetization options were made? 18 months what do they have to show for it? A splash screen and a 30 second interstitial ad interval. Do you not realize our earnings would double overnight with native ads? Why are you wasting your time on a splash screen? What a joke.

  • مشعارف ازاى ارفع الطبيق بتاعى خد يساعدنى

  • Hello Developers,

    OneSignal/Firebase Push Notification not working any ideas why????

  • @Altland  we did our best to not overcomplicate things and present them as simple as possible. This is why you only see "splash screen and 30s". It's much more inside.

    Regarding native ads: we sure are very well aware of it and how much our developers want to get on board with native ads. I am not at liberty to tell you more, unfortunately.

    OTOH if you have material suggestions for us, I would love to hear it, seriously. If you want to share your thoughts privately - please get in touch with support and mention my name so that we get connected.

  • Please return my money for autosubcription is my school fees money i forget to cancel auto sub

  • @EgorEgorov when are you going to update AppBrain SDK? please remember that there are users who use Ad service other than admob and FB Ads

    If you don't plan to maintain the other Ad provider, please inform us so we can plan ahead before our apps got removed due to policy violation!



  • Hi,

    I have updated app today, and published a new version on Play store. Unfortunately, My ads are not showing.

    Kindly Help!

  • Is the Andromo team still looking for volunteers to help with the new monetization?

    Can you tell us when the splash screen and the 30 second interstitial ad interval will be available?


  • @EgorEgorov, are you going to include in Splash Screen section the option to use customized image instead of the default one when is loading?, I have one already for this purpose. On test it was included.

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