Google Play Console reporting "Bad behavior"

Something you've done recently has decreased the performance of our apps. I'm guessing it's the new thing where you're making the app call home when it starts to see if ads are allowed? (And I'm not using any of the new ad features - I still have the Starter account that you're going to be taking away from me.) This is a problem that we're going to be losing users over.

I tried to attach a screenshot, but I keep getting and error 400. But this is what it shows:

Crash rate: 2.96% Bad behavior in production

Slow warm start 14.01% Bad behavior in production

Excessive slow frames 2.38% Bad behavior in production



  • Is anyone else seeing this on their apps? It's odd that nobody else has commented on this yet. And nothing from Andromo.

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    I too have the same issue. The crash rate is showing as 1.45% in the past 30 days. Its getting notified as in the vitals dashboard as Bad Behavior.

    Historic average in the previous months was just 0.79

  • It was bound to happen once they started putting backdoors inside the app. The callback to server will indeed slowdown the app and cause crashes.

  • If anyone else is having this problem, please report it in a support ticket. They think I'm the only one, and so it isn't really a problem.

  • Same issue here, slow warm start 39.63% slow cold start 9.96%

  • This is what support told me (6 days after I responded to their request for the package name):

    "Communications with our servers is done in the background and it isn't blocking, so it has zero impact on the App performance. Given that we don't see any other reports on that issue I might assume this is a local issue with your App."

    So please let them know, so they can quit making assumptions!

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