youtube apps question

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I know there is a lot of people with a lot of experience, so I wanted to ask.

I have in mind to make a tutorial app using youtube videos, for example, an app that teach you to fry eggs, and use youtube videos of people teaching different forms of frying an egg.

My question would be, do you think google is going to ban this app? have anyone been banned for using youtube videos, not actually related with movies or music?



  • @djlfpro21 for non movies and non-music videos the risk may be small but , if the videos on youtube are copyrighted....they might hit the app.
  • I have apps like that, and they've done well. But you have to sell them if you want to make money, because the only place you can put ads is in the menu, which is not where they'll be spending most of their time.
  • Do not put videos inside the apps or if u add those videos, u need to be the owner of the youtube videos and also disable monetization from your app. Else, app will be suspended.

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