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  • devasish
    if i use same jio 4g mobile internet which was used earlier, will it be safe? as that mobile has mac address too, and the android user id is the banned id, shall i use it?
    June 2017
    • wole8029
      hi as long as its a general internet, its safe, there are many developers in your country using general internet
  • mwash2g
    mine keeps getting banned even after using diff foreign accounts... can the BOTs blacklist codes?
    October 2016
    • wole8029
      dont use foreign accout please, use all thing in your country no special ip
      simply get

      1 . A debit or credit card that you have never used before, it may even be the same name and address of debit card. just a card from another of your bank account.. or just get a friends credit card or debit card if you still feel unsafe.

      2. get a different phone number line or sim to use in opening gmail and use on new gp account

      3. Use general national GSM provider IP or Mobile data for internet, dont use vpn or special ip, there can never be blacklisted or ban on this becos everybody uses it

      4. Use a different computer, sell your old one and buy another

      5. do not make exactly the same apps, make it look different images and icons

      so thats it. sorry for late reponse!!!
  • androy
    Hi Wole8029!

    I just wanted to ask you if your account has been terminated again since you got your new account up and running.
    January 2016
    • wole8029
      sorry for late reply, didnt get an alert from andromo . no my accounts are not terminated again, becos i change pc and credit card, new gmail, new phone number, so i am an entrire different person
  • amansapps
    if you want to get back in GP account just tried as I have done it clean up your temps% cookies scan your pc , go to mozila firefox browser clean the history if any and make a new gmail with other new name new address modify some change i address , ok than use a new other banks credit card ( not same banks you paid before ) as I have done it and now I am having a 3rd account. I hope this will 100% help you to go in back GP
    July 2014
    • wole8029
      yeah so thanks.. i did it and worked great, but just saw your help now after 3 years
  • wole8029 joined.
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    October 2013