Video stream in apps?

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How to make add video stream in my apps. Format wmv. For online tv 


  • Your app would get banned because you would be letting people stream content that is copyrighted. You could also get into alot of trouble!
  • we want to transmit video from a webcam from radio studio mms://
    No videoclips or copyrighted material.
  • I believe several users have done streaming video using embedded players. HTML isn't my area of expertise so I'm afraid I can't offer much advice, but it should be possible using HTML5. You might need to use a different format though; I'm not sure how good the support for WMV is on Android.
  • will keep trying through html ...
  • I have done this with a swf flash video and it works good. It sucks battery although, and flash is dead now,  so not a good way to go now,  

    There is a problem although if you get it to work with HTML,  andromo reloads a page with a new grid size when you turn the phone,  so every time you turn the device it will stop and reload every time it rotates,  

    Let me know if you find a solution to this
  • Just thought i would chime in that flash 11 just released for android. And now your browser does not suck at all!
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