This is why Andromo must extend the support for V2 builder !

Hi, I’m Nabil i’m an Andromo user for more than 7 years, I started using Andromo back to 2015, When I find this tool it changed my life for the best, using Andromo me and my all family have accomplished great things with funds that we have been collected from our apps created using Andromo.

I will be always grateful for this, fast forward today we have more than 500 apps in our account at Andromo, but lately I have notice that Andromo want to upgrade the builder to use the Flutter technology this is great news, but without a support for the V2 builder this is a catastrophe for me, my team and many other users, how can we migrate such a big numbers of apps manually in this short period of time ???

The app business is very competitive right now, this is not 2015 where you can create an app using Andromo and after some hours you begin receiving installs for free targeting some keywords in the play store, now is harder even if you have the best tool of the world, you must know many other things (ASO, Marketing, Support ...), so if Andromo will end support for the V2 builder and there no automatic way to export apps from the V2 to V3 many users with great apps will suffer from this and in the long term this will hurt the Andromo Business because those users are the big players in the Andromo Platform and those apps success can’t be replicated again. 

Me and my team and many other users in the Andromo platform suggest that Andromo give us some more time, until the end of the year to make the transition and Andromo should continue making some critical update suggested by Google and Facebook, we can even pay some small fees for that, in our side we will continue supporting the Andromo Platform and create some great new Apps with the new Builder that will for sure showcase the power of Andromo and his Team, Please help us and extend the support we need some more time, Thank you.

For all people who want share thought about this please, join this facebook group :

Please send me an email if you are in the same situation :



  • True i have big number of apps and really tough to migrate. even i found v2 is far better then v3 .. in v3 you dont have option for feature image for custom page and many more thing .. even v3 is far slow then v2...

  • @developerhero thanks for your comment, this is right we want progress but we need more time to make the transition to the V3, and the Andromo Team need more time to implement more features that already exist in the V2 builder, waiting for more members of the community to comment and we need the Andromo Team opinion ?

  • Yes, Nabil, you are right, and v2 apps are better for old phones that we target with our apps because they work better, I tested an app on an old phone and when I press a button it says the app stopped for no reason

  • and i send a massage on spport chat 2 days ago without response

  • exactly, the V2 builder was great and made for app business, and I know this because I ranked 100 of apps in play store, the V3 use flutter with some fancy layout but lack a lot of functionality, one crucial is that you can't upload more than 3MB in Audio player activity and this is a crucial one because one of the main selling point of those apps are offline activity and with 3MB for the sound is useless for many cases, please give us some more time with V2 to prepare the transition and we will help the Andromo Team building the next generation builder.

  • Yes really Complex for me too. even support stop responding to me on few topic.

    i was facing issue to convert v2 to v3 build failed after fixing with no valid reason so i contact support 4 days over no support.

    another issue i have problem to upload app bundle reason before we did opt out. now for bundle we need must opt in. i ask to support they response 2 message then i show them with screenshot what problem i am facing they stop responding.

    i dont know what i do with it. we must needed v2 support they can stop us to make new app in V2 is Ok but old app must support v2 and also do all thing according to google Guideline.

  • I think it would be quite difficult to maintain the support for V2.

    However, I wonder when V3 will finally be available for the Starter Plan. I assume that there will be a migration! A manual migration would not be possible for me until August!

    For years, even before the sale of Andromo, features had been promised. I have been waiting for a simple search function for 5 years. So, I have lost many users and new installations.

    So Andromo team, finally become concrete, when V3 is available for all.

  • The V2 builder is more complete and stable, and this IS what needed to success in App business nowdays, but like I Saïd earlier it's very hard to replicate older success with Andromo I have Many Apps crossed the 1 million installation because it was build in 2016 and 2016, if Andromo persiste in this way without take notice giving more Time to top developer in the plateform to make the transition we all as a community will lost those Apps and Andromo will lost some of their users, hope this will not happen.

  • I have the same problem, All my apps are made in v2...I hope Andromo coud do something to help us.

  • @Bigdeveloper I trust Andromo, they will for sure reconsider their strategy, I'm an Ultra User and not hearing from us the users of the plateform will hurt such a great plateform like Andromo, so we hope for the best.

  • Same.. Support doesn't answer.

  • @smartongroup hope that The Andromo Team will respond to this thread and will help us extend support for the V2 Builder in order to make a smooth and reliable transition that will benefit for all the users and that will not kill our business app that has been developed for many years.

  • The v3 is still in testing, many services are not available, for example one signal, also applovin and startup ad networks ... and also the built apk or aab does not work with mobiles with android 9 and less, and the majority of users who install applications used android 9 and less

  • @AppsMSD, totally agree with you, million of our users love our apps built with V2 Builder, if we try to recreate those apps with millions of users in the V3 builder without many of the services, this will be a catastrophe for those apps that has been in the play store for years without issue, I'm supporting Andromo and have bought an Ultra plan because this platform is the best in the market, but Andromo must support us because we are the power that thrive this community and we will help for sure the build and the adoption of the new Builder but transition must take some time to be prepared.

  • I have been using andromo since 2017 and make more than 500 apps in 4 years. even if they will sign the keys, I don't have to make all apps from zero. Why we are paying them? Because they make easy to create. they will make it easy and we pay this is the deal. Now we will send to rubbish our 4 years work and make all things again. Really Great.. i hope they will solve this fastly and sensible.

  • @smartongroup I know many Andromo users that are in the same situation, they have used Andromo for many years to build an promote apps and it worked great, throwing all this and restart again is a risky move from Andromo that will for sure urge many users to leave the platform because we need a balance between progress with the new Builder V3 that will be a great option in years to come and the native one V2 that we used for so many years, so please Andromo reconsider this strategy in order to help your loyal customers in their business.

  • I agree with pretty much everything that has been said. I love the Andromo platform and have been a member since 2019. I have made a significant amount of money thanks to Andromo, and for this I am very grateful.

    I love the V2 Builder, it is easy to use and it is very functional and seamless. I have not yet had a chance to even try the V3 Builder. I'm sure that in the long run it will be much better for all of us. But for now, all I have is V2 to build and modify my apps.

    I have the Pro Plan but I am seriously considering upgrading my account to the Ultra Plan in order to earn additional income. But I would not upgrade to the Ultra Plan until the V3 Builder is stable and all user complaints have been addressed.

    I stand with all Andromo users who are requesting continued support for the V2 Builder until the V3 Builder is more stable and until we have had a chance to become proficient with the V3 Builder.

    I would strongly support a mechanism or "easy process" of converting existing V2 apps to V3 without having to go through the tedious process of recreating all of our apps in the V3 Builder. I don't know if this is technically possible but I think it is definitely worth working on. Thank you for taking the initiative in starting this group and bringing these issues to the attention of Andromo.



  • @RomanJuly @meold Already contacted Mr Ingus (Non Executive Director of Andromo) via Linkedin and kindly responded to my request to contact the Andromo Business Manager, see attached screenshot.

  • @gppacana44 you are right, we love Andromo and we want the platform to progress but we are the community that thrive this platform, we will help Andromo with the new Builder but for now give us time the V2 is sufficient it work great, make only the critical update for the V2 and focus your effort for the V3, when time come and all functionality are tested we will begin a smooth transition to build the next generation of apps with the amazing technology of Flutter.

    @gppacana44 please contact me here :

  • I'm starting to have a headache. Monthly payments for years with the Andromo ultra package will be useless if the app is removed by google.

  • Alguien sabe como se migra de V2 a V3.

  • Andromo have to know that the work that many of us have done for many years cannot be in vain, in addition to the payments we have made for having a platform that helps us make applications, we cannot recreate them from scratch. It would be impossible for us but it is something that Andromo, as a great platform that it is, should and I am sure it will take into account, not leaving aside those that we have been working for so many years.

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    @RSD @WideArt @Bigdeveloper Thanks for your replies, I have a lot of faith in Andromo also, they have been a great support for us in so many years, they have never failed to support us and give us all the tools to succeed in our App business, so please Andromo continue supporting us by making this transition smother, we understand that the V2 builder is old not efficient and hard to maintien but please give us more time, and we are working on the transition, Thank you.

  • Alguien que me ayude a migrar las aplicaciones de V2 A V3 porfavor. Gracias

  • debes crear la aplicacion desde cero en el builder V3, en el nombre del paquete debes poner el mismo de tu antigua app ademas en settings debes chekear la opcion que dice USE OLD ANDROMOKEY TO SIGN ... cuando tengas todo listo construye la app

    es tedioso!!!!!!!

  • @meold


    thanks for Andromo I am your loyal user, I agree and have the same problem, I have many applications in the Playstore, and I think v3 cannot fulfill the features in v2. please respond.

    I think what Andromo users say here can be a consideration for the Andromo team, thank you.

  • mee to... @anonime

    I am trying to build a simple app in V3 but it is extremely laborious ..... there are no V2 options ... and the weight of the app is very large (15MB), when in the previous version it was 4MB

  • Please update the buider 2.0 for the SDK 30 Version before suspension or removing from google play store

  • @dannyro @anonime @dannyro @GreenDev2019 Thanks for you replies, I have great faith in the Andromo Team, they have done a lot of our community in many years, hope they will help us overcome this situation, please Andromo @meold @RomanJuly make an official statement about this situation, let us hear from you and give your users a peace of mind that there is a solution for all the concerns, Thank you.

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