(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.



  • we need start.io ads in v3

  • When are you putting start.io placement on v3. secondly should will untick the all access on app content in play store @RomanJuly

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    Absoluletly shocking!

    Ultra, Ultra Ultra, Everything Ultra, after 2 years of waiting for Native ads!

    This is nothing but greed and all you new people are interesting is the little ad money developers make while you already charging them a fee!

    How do you sleep at night?

    What about Pro users who's been with Andromo from day one?!

    + V3 activities with online content (Ultra)

    + Whatsapp stickers (Ultra)

    + Wordpress blog (Ultra)

    + Native ads (Ultra)

    Our next steps:

    - IOS builds support (Ultra)

    - Aws s3 support in online activities (Ultra)

  • itawin

    1) start.io - that has been discussed here many times.

    2) Can you send screen pls to info@andromo.com?

  • @RomanJuly why are guys skipping questions about facebook bidding

  • Sent a mail with screen shot @RomanJuly to info@andromo.com. I hope the Start.io placement will be among the features for monetization in V3. thanks

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    Hi, how to upload an aab. file from V3 on google console? what should i choose in there ?

    Please check this image -> https://snipboard.io/gDJl3Y.jpg


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    V3 is not available in the PRO plan and for existing users?

  • Henry

    V3 is available for Pro users.

  • BarozieAdiP

    Please, contact support@andromo.com and mention my name

  • @RomanJuly




    1. The Web Activity does not check for internet connection before opening the supplied URL. As a result, when there is no internet connection, the Web Activity exposes the URL to our content. Users should not see the URL to our content. See this image: https://www.mediafire.com/view/g4x3d110xercuu9/andromo_-_Screenshot_20210426-122328_2.jpg/file


    2. The Web Activity and HTML Archive Activity does not support website navigation and browsing history. So if you navigate from HOME page to ABOUT US page, you will not be able to return back to HOME page by selecting the Back Button on the mobile device. Selecting the "Back Button" on the mobile device closes the Web Activity (instead of taking you back to the previous page).


    3. The Web Activity does not support downloading of files (.mp3, .pdf, e.t.c) from web pages. Modern browsers supports the following html download link: 

    <a href="link/to/your/download/file" target="_blank" download> Download Mp3</a>

    However, Andromo Web Activity does not support this. Instead of downloading the file, it opens the file directly. This is not right.


    4. The Web Activity and HTML Archive Activity delays (with about 3 seconds) before responding to selection. When you select the Audio activity and the QR Code Activity, they respond and open up IMMEDIATELY. However, when you select the Web Activity and the HTML Archive Activity, it takes about 3 seconds before it opens up.



    5. Give us the option to lock the orientation of the Web Activity and HTML Archive Activity to PORTRAIT or LANDSCAPE (this is important for Games and videos)


    6. Give us the option to remove the App Bar from the Web Activity and the HTML Archive Activity. This will enable our Games and videos to occupy the entire screen of mobile devices.  See the following images:

    a) With App Bar: https://www.mediafire.com/view/4zzrjyfqkq1vdei/andromo_-_Screenshot_20210426-122612_1.jpg/file

    b: Without App Bar: https://www.mediafire.com/view/rrks5l140uhn721/andromo_-_Screenshot_20210426-122612_2.jpg/file

    This feature has been added to the V3 Dashboard. See this image: https://www.mediafire.com/view/gi6m0kp2ynlrvhv/andromo_-_app_bar_appearance_options_1.jpg/file Please extend this feature to the Web and HTML Archive Activities.


    7. Give us the option to show the first activity without Dashboard. This option is in Andromo V2 but not in V3. See this image: https://www.mediafire.com/view/p4u4w8skgt7gn6a/andromo_-_no_dashboard_1.jpg/file

    8. Give us the option to edit the colors in each Color Palette. The color combinations you have in each color palette does not match any of our brands or that of our clients. We should be allowed to change them to meet our needs. 

    9.  Just like in Andromo V2, give us the option to stream audio files hosted in our websites (servers) using m3u and pls files in the Audio Player Activity. Uploading over 12,000 audio files already hosted in our website to Firebase or AWS does not make any sense. These audio files are currently being accessed with m3u or pls files in Andromo V2. Migrating to V3 will be easier if we are allowed to use these m3u or pls files in the Audio Player Activity.


    Thank you.

  • I.M.A

    Thank you. I want to ask you send comments and issues regarding builder to support@andromo.com

  • I've started looking at the new builder, and I don't see anything for playing podcasts. How would I do that in version 3?

  • Andromo, we need the signature of applications to upgrade the apk to abb.

    He's asking us to upload the signature file.

    Please need a tutorial or some answer on your part.

  • Guys, in order to speed up the process of solving your issues, please, send technical questions to support@andromo.com

  • @RomanJuly search still does not work on firebase audio activity. I submitted a ticket 1 month ago. I got a reply back a few days ago saying it was fixed. I just tested it and it still does not work.

  • @RomanJuly

    The repeat option in the audio player is still missing, will it be added to this activity?

  • Website activity is not working properly in V3 builder apps, When the user goes to the website activity and presses the back button, the activity stops. This is a very serious problem. I am repeatedly urging you to fix it, but no response is coming from Andromo, I am very upset because my users are decreasing very fast. If you do not fix it, then I will be forced to leave this platform.

  • @RomanJuly

    I create a V3 audio project from V3 easy start. I replaced all images from the V3 template for the last two weeks but today everything is gone. It shows a blank dashboard without images. I try to change the dashboard appearance but nothing changes. What's wrong?

  • permchai, Dr.Vikram

    support@andromo.com, please

  • I have sent my complaint about inclusion of start.io among the monetization in V3 how long should wait before it implement cause I have alot of apps to update to V3 @RomanJuly Thanks.

  • Why the support is very bad, i accidently deleted backup of html achieve on my computer and since 3 days ago I'm asking help to resend the file, but no support help me. If andromo system enable us to download all the content uploaded to the builder (html archive, mp3, images, etc) then i WOULD NOT asking for help. I'm Paying ultra package but feels like getting trial version

  • Please add these options to the audio player activity;

    • repeat & shuffle because these are basic options for the audio player and exist in the V2 builder
    • download the songs to play offline and can create a favorite or playlist
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    I am making an online music application, strangely when the application is tested on Andromo the music works while when tested on the APK version the music does not work

    Please sincerely help with the solution @RomanJuly I have been using Andromo for 3 years

  • mawaddahstudio

    Contact support@andromo.com with app package name and other important details

  • @meold @RomanJuly The option "License Agreement" and "Launch Notice" are still non-existent in version V3! How to build our apps without this? My app will be rejected if I publish my app in Google play. Is there a trick to unblock this situation please?

  • The option License Agreement and "Launch Notice are still non-existent in version V3! How to build our apps without this? My app will be rejected if I publish my app in Google play. Is there a trick to unblock this situation please?

  • Please add the Admob privacy URL for the V3 builder, this feature is still missing.

  • While building the app a few days ago, I noticed a recurring problem with new updates, namely refusal to build any app and messages that came with arrows

    I don't know what the problem is. Does this problem arise in other people

    Please help with the solution

    Be thankful

  • Anyone who has tried the native banners and they are working? I have updated and there is no way. I don't know if it will be due to the configuration or by mistake Can you tell me something? Thank you so much

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