(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.



  • i almost doesnt make apps, the reason is that i work with facebook ads, and andromo dont support bidding.

    im sad that i already paid for a year but i didnt know i wont be able to make apps for such a long time.

    i wasted few months of paying. :( i enter each week to see if it fix.

    very dissapointing.

  • mawaddahstudio, Mitigantesapps

    Contact support@andromo.com with all details, pls

  • Andromo team ... Please check for wallpaper settings after becoming an app. V3 is not as good as V2.

    The V3 system is very very good but there is no detailed evaluation on your part for the use of the final results.

    Please try it as simple like this: "Set As Wallpaper" and you will see the size is difference in the app and the screen results display.

    I have asked this question 3 months ago but no changes have been made by you. We pay every month with ultra packages and we need the best results for our users.

    Hope it helps.


  • RSD

    Please, send your request to support@andromo.com with app package name and screenshots of what you mean.

  • @RomanJuly Already email to support@andromo.com

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    v3 is a bugy app maker fix it we cant work like that

    i add a website to app and try it when i click it white screen apear for ever

  • I wasted a lot of time waiting for you to fix the problems, and this time is deducted from my subscription without any benefit. I want a free subscription until the problems are fixed because I pay without interest

  • @momen.dev Monthly payments, productivity is disrupted. Like you rent a house :(

  • momen.dev, RSD

    You still have V2 and active apps . V3 is being updated every day with bugs fixing. As it was mentioned before V3 is in beta now, but soon there will be an official release. Please, be patient, our tech team is working hard.

    momen.dev, please send the app package name to support@andromo.com with all necessary details.

    RSD, you will be replied soon

  • @RomanJuly Thank you

  • so when will the official version release? we have many projects in version 2 and we recently extended the upgrade to ultra. we are still hesitant to migrate to v3. however our billing continues.

  • ..
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    @RomanJuly Hi.. can you answer my email about not generate .aab bundle subject, really wasting my time on progress migration V3

  • I wasted a lot of time waiting for you to fix the problems, and this time is deducted from my subscription without any benefit. I want a free subscription until the problems are fixed because I pay without interest

    Well said, and definitely true, there must be compensation for us to wait, while our billing subscription time is counted everyday

  • hi , I want to cancel my subscription and when clicking on cancel my subscription no action happened . I need a solution I have sent two emails to support and they give me the same answer click cancel my subscription .it's not working

  • . farahhilal

    Please, contact support@andromo.com

  • Hello,

    did you find solution for The option "License Agreement" and "Launch Notice" .

    it's mai conditions to publish app in google play store

    Extract from the google policies:

    Your in-app disclosure must accompany and immediately precede a request for user consent and, where available, an associated runtime permission. You may not access or collect any personal or sensitive data until the user consents. The app's request for consent:

    • Must present the consent dialog clearly and unambiguously;
    • Must require affirmative user action (e.g. tap to accept, tick a check-box);
    • Must not interpret navigation away from the disclosure (including tapping away or pressing the back or home button) as consent; and
    • Must not use auto-dismissing or expiring messages as a means of obtaining user consent.

  • user_#969750

    Yes, it is available in ''Settings'' section.

    Please, write about desired new features.

    All tech issues should be addressed to support@andromo.com

    Thank you

  • Yo sigo pensando en que deberían de dar la opción de poder modificar el tiempo a un mínimo con un rango en segundos que vaya como mínimo desde los 5 segundos hasta lo que uno quiera en los anuncios intersticiales. Todo el mundo ganaría y que cada desarrollador ponga el tiempo entre anuncios donde quiera.

  • @RomanJuly

    In Settings (V3), It still has only "Launch Notice". Further, there is no "Admob Privacy URL" in Admob settings.

  • permchai

    It will be available next week

  • @RomanJuly


    I think that there is a problem with uploading audio files in the new builder. Whenever I try to upload a file, whether it is small or large, the error message appears as shown in the attached screenshot.

    I've been trying for hours now and the problem is still there.

    Please take a quick look and fix it so that we can upload the audio files as usual.

    thank you


  • ADIL

    As it has been said many times before - contact support@andromo.com for solving tech issues. Support does not read forum and if you leave your message only here - it will take more time to fix it.

    Andromo experienced tech issues this morning, so there might have been troubles with build and content uploading. Now it is fixed and should work fine. Please, check and let the support know if there are still any issues. Thank you.

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    @RomanJuly Hi any news for my issue? "Can't Upload .aab Bundle"

    also now still failed on BUILD

    Thank You

  • .

    1) You have been replied.

    2) We are still fixing that. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

  • @RomanJuly

    I have sent the support email more than once, but we do not receive any response from them, unfortunately, even our emails are not opened,

    I am still waiting for a response to the email I sent to support about two weeks ago.

    I hope to review my ticket as soon as possible and fix the errors I mentioned because they are very important as you know and our applications cannot be updated to the new builder without solving them.


  • And now the online audio player which had started working later last month has again stopped working since 4th Jan

  • ADIL

    All your tickets are closed as far as I can see. Please, duplicate your request to info@andromo.com


    Audio player update will be released very soon

  • @RomanJuly website activity do not open the requst website and white screen appear i sent you 5 email to fix it and you dont what should i do?

  • @RomanJuly any solution for my .aab issue?

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