(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.



  • @RomanJuly It's now December. When is "soon"?

  • trevorh

    Hi, please, specify the ticket #

    So far, I can see all tickets with you closed, excepting 1, which has a ''pending'' status, because we still haven't receive your answer.


  • @RomanJuly Where can I see my tickets? It's probably the pending one, but if a response was sent that's waiting for an answer, I didn't get it.

  • @RomanJuly No response from you still, 10 days later?

  • trevorh

    I think you should better create a new ticket if you still have a question to the support team.


  • I finally got a response just now. But I had already answered it back in August. And the response was just asking for a package name. I had already provided links to radio services that do not work in the V3 radio player but work in the V2 radio player, so they could have easily been tested.

    But because someone is apparently too lazy to do that, I created a special project with just those links in radio players back in August and had sent the package name. I just did so again.

    I am so appalled at what you guys have done with Andromo and the lack of support. And now many of us are stuck in limbo because we can't use our V2 projects but the V3 stuff is incomplete and non-functional.

  • @RomanJuly In this forum you keep on telling to contact support and whenever we contact support they are just ignoring without giving proper replies on whether they will fix the issues or not.

    Since October 2021 for the last 3 months+ the old Andromo developers are not able to update their apps due to the pending issues with your new builder. Contacted the support multiple times, issues are only partially fixed and no response from their side about the remaining ones. The old developers are literally stuck with your builder upgrade, you should consider our issues first before implementing new features.

    We are paying whatever subscription charges you set and we deserve an answer to our support tickets with a clear estimated time to fix the issues.

  • Rafeeq, trevorh

    Please, provide unsolved tickets numbers

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    @RomanJuly Ticket #13056. I had mentioned 5 issues only 2 were fixed.

    The ticket is now marked as solved without saying anything about the other 3 issues. I need all the issues to get fixed in order to update my apps on Play Store.

    No new features were requested, only the ones that were available in V2 builder were there on my ticket.

  • @RomanJuly Have you checked? any updates on the issues mentioned in the ticket?

  • Rafeeq

    You have been answered

  • @RomanJuly Yes, got a reply from the support team. I had 3 pending issues they said one will take time and they will do it as a feature request, that’s fine . Second issue in one week and third in a month’s time. Is it possible to fix the third issue without taking a month, like in two weeks time? and release an update together?

  • @RomanJuly I have no idea what the ticket # is. You personally forwarded a message on 1/11 that I had already responded to. I responded again and have heard nothing back.

  • trevorh

    We don't see your response. There might be some tech issue. Please, create a new ticket with all details.

  • @RomanJuly

    You have to first fix the support system. Ticket numbers are not mentioned anywhere in the emails received from support. When we lodge a support request all further updates from support is via emails, but no number or identifier is mentioned in them. I got the ticket number of my pending request only after clicking on the ‘How do you rate the support you received?’ email only there I could find the ticket number.

  • Why did you even change the support system? The old one worked just fine, and we could see all our cases, open or closed. We could also see other people's cases, unless they marked them as private, which was sometimes very helpful. It's almost like you changed it because you didn't want to be transparent about support anymore.

  • When I clicked to rate the support on my ticket that was closed without solving, I could see the whole thread. It appears that none of my responses were added to it. If that's the case with other tickets, you guys should have noticed that by now. So you're just assuming nobody wants to respond and you just close the tickets??

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    Can you PLEASE do something about the Podcast Player it looks so ugly compared V2. No matter how I style the look still ugly and unprofessional.

    How do I change or get rid off the yellow icon in the Podcast?

  • Ya solucionaron el problema de migrar las apps de la V2 a la V3 no puedo actualizarlas.

  • V3 is horrible right now. Andromo support is slow, I'm moving on and will not be renewing my subscription when its up in 6 months. The amount of time it's taking to fix bugs with V3, you can easily learn how to code your own apps and learn how to use Android Studio and Xcode. Andromo is not worth the headache and are failing behind on quality.

  • @Mack2020 Absolutley not worth it. V3 is a disaster and V2 not longer accept by Google Play. I don't know what these guys are upto after two years taking over they turned Andromo in to hell.

    I hope they don't delete this comment like they always do because they don't want other people to hear the real truth.

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    @907 Even if they delete the comment I have already warned others on trust pilot, although they have many fake reviews on there promoting V3. I've used andromo since 2012 and right now its the worse I have ever saw it. The support was much better back then until it got sold to the new owners. If they keep this bad service up, I will be surprised if they are still in business a few years from now. Google and Apple are teaching coding for free and making their platforms easier to build apps.

  • I don't understand why the Version 2 Builder cannot be modified to target API Level 30 and the bundle publishing format. That would solve so many problems. The disgruntled subscribers who are talking about not renewing would stick around and continue using V2 and it would give everyone more time to get accustomed to the V3 Builder and also to get all of the bugs out.

    This would be the best option (if it is doable).

  • @gppacana44 thats not going to happen. They can't even fix the bugs in v3. It's been almost a year now. There are better options than andromo right now. The quality of andromo apps don't compare to simular apps in the app stores. They only care about low quality basic functioning apps for developers who can't code and charging for ad impressions on those apps.

  • Hello Andromo,

    Can you please abandon V3 & Flutter and lets get back to V2 and fix it?

    It's taking 2 long years and most of us already abandon our Apps because we cannot update anymore!

  • Looks like this place (forum) is deserted and everyone has given up!

  • @907 I also have the same feeling

  • My guess is they don't have any Java developers so they can't bring V2 up to date. And their Flutter programmers apparently aren't very good.

  • @holyoak.com So we are basically stuck.

  • 907, holyoak.com, DigitalAfroStudios, Mack2020, gppacana44, WideArt, TechknolDevelopers

    Hey, everyone. I want to remind that forum is a community space, not a support. I am sorry to read that you have faced issues and want to do our best to help our customers. I believe that some issues have been solved at the support. If there are still unsolved issues, please, describe them. I am talking about CRUCIAL missing features at V3.

    In order to structure the list, I want to ask you to mention what features presented at V2 are missing at V3 in short description:

    ''V2 - component, feature description, is missing at V3''

    Please, be laconic and specific. No long texts with personal attitude and emotions, please.

    Thank you


    It has been said many times: V2 is outdated, it is not accepted by Google Play, and there is no way and sense to update it to API Target 30. We are working on V3 only, and all upgrades relate to V3 only.

    Thank you

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