New features and Andromo V3!

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Dear Devs!

While our team is working on improvements to the builder, we want to know your opinion on the features that we would like to add to the V3 builder in the future:

  • Subscribe feature inside the app (full content access, no ads)
  • E-commerce (woohoo, etsy, shopify)
  • In-app payments
  • Food ordering activity
  • Book an apartment activity
  • Task manager activity
  • Google sheets activity
  • Social wall activity
  • App's different languages
  • Other (describe and tell us why you need it)

Please, share your thoughts what you need more and why. Also, feel free to propose other features.


Andromo team



  • Must add facebook bidding which is more important,

  • Also Add other ad network which one also important in v3 .. Try Mopub also which will give better bidding.

  • Update on [4 March 2021 at 08:00 PT]:

    As communicated in October 2020, Audience Network will become bidding-only in 2021. Today we are sharing the timeline for Android apps. Publishers and developers need to migrate their current Android apps to bidding by 30 September 2021 to continue monetising with Audience Network.

    The timeline for publishers to migrate their current iOS apps to bidding remains 31 March 2021, as previously communicated.

    For new apps onboarding to Audience Network, bidding will become the default way to monetise, beginning with iOS apps on 1 March 2021 and Android apps on 31 May 2021.

  • admob mediation

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    Admob Mediation

    Make sure search works with firebase activities.

    Make sure a ringtone can be set to the users contact

    Language localizations

    In-app purchases and subscriptions.

  • Please also add the online TV/video player that can play .m3u8. The current one does not play the video.

    On Monetization please add the Startapp

  • @RomanJuly

    ****Please I hope to add the feature to download images and audios.....

    ** You can also add the feature to download images and audios so that the user can’t download images except by viewing a reward ads and that will increase the percentage of profits significantly *

  • @RomanJuly


    Thank you very much for the efforts you put in.

    Honestly, all the features you said are great and developers need them a lot..

    Personally, I hope you add them all if it's possible, that'll be awesome.

    As a suggestion that I think is important, which is the possibility to add Extension Files.

    This feature is very important as it'll help us with media apps that are very large in size, so I hope you consider it.

    For more information about this, check:

    Thank you very much.

    • Subscribe feature inside the app (full content access, no ads)
    • E-commerce (woohoo, etsy, shopify)

  • @RomanJuly @meold @RomanJuly

    • App's different languages
    • Video Gallery Using Own Hosting
    • Other Network ads

    And Please Response my email about issue .aab or google bundle can't upload.

    Thank You

  • @RomanJuly @meold

    Subscribe feature inside the app (full content access, no ads) would be a very useful feature! Please consider adding Reward Ads as well. E-commerce (woohoo, etsy, shopify) is also important. I appreciate your forward thinking to add new features to the V3. However please fix the current issues and problems with the V3 BUILDER like ;

    1. Online Audio Player doesn't work and does not support . asx file playlists.
    2. No Podcast Activity with .xml playlist support
    3. No (StartApp) Ad Network
    4. Issues and lacking customization in RSS Feed Activity
    5. No Flickr Activity
    6. No Radio Player Activity. Most of Andromo users need this feature.
    7. No Admob Privacy Policy URL!

    PLEASE ADD THESE Features to V3 which are already in V2. These features are directly involved with our apps and without them we will loose users and the revenue.

  • E-commerce (woohoo, etsy, shopify)

    App's different languages

    Other Network ads ( applovin & startapp )

  • . what issue you are facing?

    asking for google key sign in .. please ask them .pem file they will send then you can upload ..

    let me know if help needed.

  • @RomanJuly check in time interval between in interstitial ads you can see 3 min 2 time lol people will say such big tool have bug like this.

  • please add other ad networks as soon as possible like startapp, mopub

  • Hi Team,

    We appreciate your hard work.....

    Please try to compact app size in v3.

    Print Screen to PDF Feature Must Required.

  • Please make a soundboard feature!

  • please add more ad network. like thanks

  • If you can please add firebase private and group chatting option.

  • Andromo loses an important ability, which is synchronization components without the need to re-build app.

  • Add more ad networks like Unity ads for example please

  • Just make it the build works guys

  • Show a license agreement dialog box in andromo app like we have in v2

    i didn't understand why nobody ask for this in V3 , As you know this is main thing to be conform to google developer policies:

    Extract from google policies :

    Your in-app disclosure must accompany and immediately precede a request for user consent and, where available, an associated runtime permission. You may not access or collect any personal or sensitive data until the user consents. The app's request for consent:

    • Must present the consent dialog clearly and unambiguously;
    • Must require affirmative user action (e.g. tap to accept, tick a check-box);

    can someone from the team help please

    due to this i'm still using v2 to develop my apps

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    Why can't you use this option and insert your license agreement there?

  • @RomanJuly

    Thanks but it's not the same thing.

    This option use only one button (ok) , and the user can launch the application

    We need the second option ( show license agreement) which have 2 buttons ( accept and Decline ) , because if the user decline our Request , the app must be stopped automatically .


  • user_#969750

    Ok, that will be added soon.

    Thank you

  • @RomanJuly

    thanks for your quick response

    The apps that are developed in V2 ( without migration to v3) will be always available in the andromo platform, and monetized in production or not ?

    because i will leave some apps without upgrade to v3


  • Please make sure V3 has all the features of V2 before worrying about new features. There are many of us that MUST have all the audio features (podcast, radio) that are in V2 in order to continue with our apps.

  • @user_#969750 That will not be possible according to replies from andromo V2 will no longer support API levels 29 target SDK 30 yet by August it is a must if you want to stay on Google playstore

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica thanks for your response.

    for the google play store , i think there is no problem, the existing olds apps ( API levels 29 target SDK 30) will not be removed.

    they ask developers to target API 30 for new apps or update after august 2021.

    my concern is about andromo, they will leave for us the apps on version v2 available on the plateform and monetized?

    to be clear , i am not ready to use v3 now , it's still not complete.

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