andromo doing cheating with old user

i am using andromo since 2017 and was very happy .. now getting many trouble when i bought ithey promise unlimited apps and storage. 2020 they removed it the unlimited reason they want to earn extra money..

last year they help me bit but now i need to increase my storage reason i need to update my app and make it more quality nobody helping reason they have to fullfull what they promise. if i am new user i understand limitation as per old user i must be given what they promise that time.

they said andromo change lot we never want anything only needed update what google want.

v3 also a problem for us we are not happy with it still we are with andromo reason they have problem of migration.

i am always first person who find andromo problem and email them regarding bug i am also working as tester now days in v3.. kidding

@RomanJuly @meold You need to improve things.


  • @RomanJuly you answering everything when we needed you didnt answer

  • Devappfreak

    You have been answered at the support regarding limits.

    V3 is being updated, will be released soon.

  • RomanJuly still waiting for last answer i need something and it was promised last year.

    let me show you something when i bought andromo it was andromo

    still i am only looking for more storage quota reason i feel its low please tell support to do what i want.

    you have to take care of a customer who is paying from last 4 year and your honest user so must help. t

  • 4 months ago and you still trying to test how Facebook new bidding system it works

    bad company andromo will lose to much

    switching definitively to another platform ciao

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