(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.



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    you have been asked a question at the support 2 times. but you didn't answer

  • There is no any question yet at the moment I paying attention to my mail coming from andromo

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    @RomanJuly please check, has been reply 2 times, but you not reply again, if im not reply here you not reply in email support.

    im ultra plan but not priority support.

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    Check message from support once again, pls

  • @RomanJuly When you guys update the Online Audio Player with Online Audio Playlist support? You said you will release the new version of Audio player in first week of June. Now this is 2nd week and There are still Podcast Activity, Radio Player also missing. There are issues in the RSS Feed as well.. We cannot get the look and feel in RSS feeds like we did in V2! When you will fix these issues?

    And most importantly I contacted Andromo Support recently about two apps removal warnings from Google Play. Support team said that my request was sent to the development team 4 days ago. But Still haven't heard from them yet.

  • AndroidKing I am also facing the same issue and I have been sending the support team 3 emails at least every day but they are just playing around.answering with fake replies and they are not direct

  • @. We have contacted support. We wait for answers and problems not to be resolved for too long. At the same time a monthly subscription has to be paid.

    cc @RomanJuly

  • RSD, AndroidKing

    Problems are being solved everyday. Some people are already answered, some will be answered soon. Same with tech issues.

    Also, our team is currently optimizing the support procedures to avoid long time waiting for some developers.

    Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience!

  • RomanJuly No problem has been solved about the Online Audio player. And the promises are just empty yet now we have fewer days to migrate our bulky apps. The only answer you have is "soon" which has taken now 2 months. At 1st they had promised the 1st week of June to solve the problem but the it only worked for 3 days and it stopped again

  • DigitalInnovationsAfrica

    Working on it. Sorry for the delay

  • RomanJuly It has now even become hard to convince the support team that their online audio player is not working but instead they put the blame on the links. to support this I updated some 3 apps on play store in V3 on 29th, 30th, 31st May and 1st June the online player was then working fine. but after that the IF you try to rebuild the same app with the same audio links the app won't work on the phone.

    Yet the one on the play store works. but the support is blaming the audio links, I told them to try with their trusted working links and solve the problem but they failed.

    If the one that was used on 29th, 30th, 31st May, and 1st June is working then why are the others not working?

    I have worked with bold It Companies as a developer and I am also good when it comes to troubleshooting so any complaint that I raise I 1st troubleshoot it before

  • hi, andromo I can not build in progress, I'm waiting for a long time, still not finished, what is the problem, can you tell me about this problem.


    It is fixed now.

    Sorry for inconveniences

  • Hi @RomanJuly @meold, I have sent email to support regarding transfer project, but didn't get reply back from support, please help me

    i'm ultra plan user and my email is broker_links@yahoo.com


  • @RomanJuly @meold

    why did my ultra subscription become a trial account, I already paid for the ultra plan

    I have contacted Andromo support, no reply

  • AndroidDeveloper

    You have been replied


    Issue is fixed

  • Thank you very much


  • Hi @RomanJuly, When I can transfer V3 project to another account? I really needed

    Thank you

  • AndroidDeveloper

    Hi! This option might be available a little bit later.

  • @Roman where the tutorial about firebase activities for photo gallery ?

    i was looking but i cant find it!

  • devdev
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    @RomanJuly google-service.json for firebase photo gallery and analytic is different?

  • Question.

    Google has recently announced it's moving away from the APK file format. How will Andromo be affected? Since our files are built into APK format, once google implements the change, will Andromo be switching over to their specific format (I cannot remember the name, but they're basically doing this so new apps will be exclusive to the android system and not windows).

  • Dear devs!

    Do you need .asx playlsts format for radio activity?

    It is pretty outdated and we are considering whether to add to to V3 or not.

    Thank you for you feedback

  • Not in my case and I believe the same case in most developers

  • @RomanJuly We need .asx playlist support for Online Audio Player, Podcast Player with .xml Playlist Support and Radio Player with .m3u Playlist support. We have a lot of V2 Apps using these playlists types. So In order to update those apps we need those features in V3 Builder as well. However if you have modern way to make playlists other than .asx please add them. Professional Subscribers including me do not have the access to Firebase Audio Player. So you guys must include any method to make playlists with Online Audio Player/Radio Player/Podcast Player. I hope you understand our concerns!

  • @RomanJuly

    I never used the .asx file playlist format in any of my projects. I don't know if other developers did.

    One thing I know every Andromo developer needs in V3 is the .m3u and .pls playlist formats (both in Radio activity and Online Audio Player).

    The Radio activity needs the popular .m3u and .pls playlist formats.

    The Online Audio Player activity also needs .m3u and .pls playlist formats.

    Please make it happen for us and we will be very grateful.

  • Problem with OneSignal not working with new apps and new built apps‏‏

    Dear Andromo Team, two months ago, I sent you an e-mail about fixing the problem of Firebase, and I received a reply two days ago that the problem was resolved.

    The firebase problem was solved, but another problem appeared when I built the application, OneSignal notifications did not work in my applications that I built again and new applications that you create from scratch

    Can you solve the problem as soon as possible, waiting for your reply

    waiting for your reply

    i send an email to support@andromo.com

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