(Update #2) New Andromo Builder coming later this year.



  • @RomanJuly

    I just created a new application, installed ad code ranging from inter ads and banner ads. but after i try, there is a problem. my app only shows blank page when logging into one activity

  • @RomanJuly

    When making changes to an app and it was sent to build.

    Stays on a gray screen with no content coming out.

  • Its the same error on my apps. Changing into another activity got error blank grey page.

  • @user_#677303 @familiavillalvacuadros i have the same problem...got grey page

  • Please, contact support with more details: app package name, etc

  • Hi,

    Can we have startApp in this version 3 ? We can earn some income via StartApp as previously available in Version 2. Thank you

  • sticker whatsapp in builder v3 is not working after trying to add sticker into whatsapp

    when this features will be available ?

  • @RomanJuly

    When will License Agreement be released for V3 builder?

  • Anyone else notice that the "set as wallpaper" function in the photo gallery of V3 makes the home screen wallpaper zoomed in, but keeps the lockscreen wallpaper at the proper size?

  • @RomanJuly

    Hello Roman,

    I sent a message to the support with very necessary information that should be taken care of regarding the new builder, but I have not received a response for 3 months,

    I sent it again yesterday, but I have not received a response yet, Unfortunately, we cannot update our old apps in any way without taking these suggestions into consideration.

    Please inform the support about what I sent, we have been waiting for months without any result.😔

  • ahmadsofian

    Currently working on adding Facebook bidding + Admob + Mopub + MAX

    Apploving might be added in the next iteration later.

  • MobileUnionCreative

    Please, send details to the support

  • permchai

    Should be released next week

  • ADIL

    We cannot find your ticket. Can you please resend it?

  • @RomanJuly


    I have sent you a new ticket now as shown in the screenshot


  • @RomanJuly

    i had the problem that my manually migrated APP did not install on my mobile phone. Support gave me unfortunately even after more than 10 days no answer.

    I have now found the error, why the APP has not installed.

    it occurs when an APP with identical package name was already installed on the mobile phone before.

    I can uninstall the existing APP and then install the new V3, but if that would go so productive, customers run amok. So V3 unusable here. Please fix the error.

    Another error is that images and buttons are only visible if the APP is started once with WLAN or similar and the corresponding subpage is also opened so.

    If you open a subpage for the first time in offline mode, images and buttons are missing. Because it is an offline app, this is a bug, please fix, this can not go live.

    This error also occurred in V2 and was fixed by the old team.

    In addition, it is no longer possible to prevent a title from being displayed within an image in the image gallery. This is bad. In opposite there is no possibility to show title and subtitle within a picture.

    And how to turn off "share" and "set as wallpaper"?

    unclear is also for me still the APP - size, which is significantly larger under V3 than V2. I only received the info that this would be normal. That does not seem conclusive to me overall.

    In addition, the license agreement is still missing.

    Overall, I can hardly find any additional value in V3 for me, just a lot of bugs and different behaviors.

    I also have to do the graphics completely by hand now.

    I hope to find an answer here, because the support has no time for it. They are creating new features. I would like to see the bugs fixed first, that V3 is usable.

  • >it occurs when an APP with identical package name was already installed on the mobile phone before.

    >I can uninstall the existing APP and then install the new V3, but if that would go so productive, customers run amok. So V3 unusable here. Please fix the error.

    You have to make the build version # higher than the old one in order to replace it.

  • thanks for the suggestion.

    have increased the version code, but the APP still does not install as an update

  • Halo

    How can I build an iOS app?

  • very important

  • StephyAP

    Please, make sure that you are increasing both App version name and App version code


    Thank you!


    You can do it at Ultra subscription

  • For the manual migration from V2 to V3, I was switched to PRO at short notice.

    After the period expired, my subscription expired completely.

    However, it is paid annually in advance.

    I have already asked support twice to reactivate my subscription - with a screenshot from PayPal, but no response. Please help!


    I have several times increased both APP version name and version code. However, it then always seems to reset when I get in the next time.

    Now I can't do anything at all currently. Please help

  • StephyAP

    Your old subscription is reactivated.

    Write other tech issues to support pls.

  • @RomanJuly thank you!

    you are much better than support :-)

  • @RomanJuly


    I sent a ticket to support 5 days ago and still haven't received a response from them.

    It's been months and I've been waiting for minor bugs to be fixed in the new builder but it hasn't happened yet.

    Without fixing these errors, I can't risk moving my apps to the new builder, so please see the ticket urgently, as we explained everything in it with screenshots

  • I also do not get any response to my questions and reports of errors from support.

    where, they ignored everything except the thing with not installing and suggested me to install via android degbug bridge.

    There I could then also disable via Android Studio Set as wallpaper etc... Under support I actually imagine something quite different.... I feel either ignored or made fun of.

    I would like to keep V2, that would be the best for me, but it would still have to be possible to update in google play...

  • I haven't received any answers from support for a month now.

  • edited October 2021


    You answered me that License Agreement would be released next week since August 19. But until now License agreement option is still not available for V3. When will it be released?

  • permchai

    This week or the beginning of the next week.

  • trevorh

    You will be answered soon

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