Problem with showing ads


I have a problem with ads from admob. In admob is everything ok. No ban, no police. But in the app i dont see ads. All codes are ok. The ads have stoppped showing from 08/2021. I have no email from admob.

This is problem with one app, the second one is ok.

Both apps are in V3, one app had this problem also in V2.

Anybody has the same problem? Or any ideas what to do?




  • Yes V3 apps seem to have lower earning numbers than V2 with admob. I assume because of all the problems with V3.

  • I have already told support this and they claim to be working on fixing the issues.

  • @Mack2020 i've read about this, but the problem is that i dont see ane ads in my app. So my earning is 0.

  • I have no idea, it happen to me too. In v2 the ads appear but in v3 it didn't work.

  • I have the same problem, in V3 the interstitial doesn't show after splash screen. My earnings have decreased considerably

  • If you guys are experience the same issue as me (Admob ad IDs work in V2, but not in V3 apps), I noticed that the only V3 apps with working ads were apps that I had in Admob mediation with Facebook. Even though Facebook ads don't show at all (they get zero impression requests), just having those Admob ad IDs in mediation allowed the ads to be shown on V3 apps. So I just included every Admob ad ID into mediation and they all started working. You can use the same Facebook placement ID for each Admob ad of the same format. Of course, this means there's something strange going on with Andromo since the same ad IDs work in V2, but this is a quick work around to get back your earnings.

  • So is this why I see all the reports of decreased earnings in V3?

  • same issue. I created v 2 app in v3 builder today. After Build the app Interstitials ads are not showing . Banner ads are working fine .Very disappointed..

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