caution, andromo start scamming users

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this is unprofessional behavior andromo now you start scamming users , you canceled my automatic payments from paypal. to push me to choose another subscription

and when contact you, you tell me i will paying x4 price to use similar plan

if this is not scam what should i called it ??


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    and this is the reason why i called them scammers because when i contact any other honest company

    they will resolve the problem and let me renew my subscription

    but this little unprofessional company say we can't, i told them i can pay with stripe or paypal just let me renew my current subscription

    we are not a fool's you can easily let me renew my current subscription but you are scam us and want from us all change to another plans to make fast money without any real change

    my current subscription its old offer 50$ yearly (with monetization and unlimited projects )

    they canceled my plan and want me subscribe in new plan with same features but its price x5 times (250$)

    come on andromo be honest and And respect your old customers, without them, you would not have reached what you have today

    Do not make offers that you are unable to continue with. This is unprofessional behavior

    You do not have the right to discontinue the old offers whose subscribers are still renewing annually

  • you're absolutely right, legally what this new company is doing is pretty borderline.

  • just amateurs think people are fools, but will ruins their work with their hands

    sit and watch

  • @colinadams and the others They respect users That is why their project succeeded, But now Andromo will begin to collapse Because of greed

  • Yes, we can file a lawsuit , because they did not respect the old offers and canceled them without right

    and Pausing advertisements at the end of the subscription also changed this law without informing the members

    And several other violations

  • This is just to warn all new users trying to test Andromo app builder: when you sign up for the trial, be careful because they have put a lock on the CANCELLATION feature. This will force you to enter the paid subscription. I lost $56. Use them only if you have no other alternative.

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