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it would be very useful/valuable if we could set up some sort of way where people can download the app to their phones directly from the source(andromo). Uploading to a app store works great but not always the best solution for some apps. i would realy love to see this option in the near future. it would be very useful.


  • Have you considered hosting the .APK file on your website?
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    or if you wanted them to be paid you could use quixly

    but have you considered google drive, dropbox, mega or any of the numerous filehosting sites?
  • i dont really have a website that will allow me to upload a file for others to download. i have considered google drive dropbox and others but on these, files can only be shared with freinds over the same program..if any ideas i would look into and try. thanks
  • @corrsea Quixly looks like a good service.
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