I'm curious to hear about experiences using Pingjam. I added it to one of my apps to test it out, but decided to remove it and not release with it. It's just too intrusive. But I'm open to having my mind changed. :)


  • Not to mention it almost tripled the size of my app...
  • Yes, please let us know what your experience is. We're very selective in who we add into the Andromo ecosystem. We won't add any monetization option that is deceptive or underhanded in any way.

    Pingjam is definitely different - and I had to speak personally to the founder to be convinced. My takeaway is that they were very "above board" and really cared about creating a long-term business that was reputable. "Spam" and other unwanted ads are 180 degrees away from what they are doing and they've done the research as well:

    Make money without selling out

    Pingjam’s monetization solution complements your app. Like you, we
    believe that sticking irrelevant banners in your app or spamming users
    with annoying push ads is not the way to go. This is why we’ve developed
    a solution that respects your work and your users

    We work very well in combination with any ad network in existence so
    you can keep whatever revenue you already have and get paid by us on top
    of it.

    Your users will love you even more

    We pay you
    so you can continue developing your apps.We give your users real value
    with our business caller ID service. When you implement our SDK your
    users will get, for free, our caller ID service so that they can see the
    names of businesses that call them. We only resolve business numbers.

    Our SDK is proven to keep your app’s install rates as they are today.
    We have also proven that the retention of your app will stay the same.
    Bottom line – you will have the same amount of installs and there won’t
    be any increase in uninstalls.

    Will integrating Pingjam hurt my install rates?

    We do not impact install rates at all.

    We have proven this by running extensive tests on hundreds of
    thousands of installs and dozens of apps. The results where conclusive –
    install rates are unchanged and uninstall rates aren’t affected

    Do I really get paid for every active install every month?

    Yes. we pay a monthly fee for every active install worldwide. You
    get paid regardless of whether your app was used during the month.

    Will I be able to keep my current monetization mechanism?

    Yes. Pingjam’s solution does not replace any of your existing in-app
    or out-of-app monetization solutions. We are additional revenue on top
    of what you make today. It’s your choice.

    Is Pingjam compliant with the Google Developer Policy?


    We are fully compliant. Pingjam strictly follows all the guidelines and
    requirements set by the Google developer policy and Play store.


    Hope that helps! We'd love to hear your stories...


  • I'll be giving Pingjam a try soon.  :)  I'll report results when I do.
  • One of my users sent me an email (THE FIRST DAY I ADDED PINGJAM) saying he was uninstalling my app because of the new permissions.  As it turns out, Pingjam adds a permission to read phone numbers, access, intercept and redirect incoming calls... If you click on the permission in google play to find out what it is all about, a message says that malicious developers can obtain private info with this permission, and that users should only download if they trust the source. (although there is no reason not to trust me as a source, I don't know the 10,000 users who use my app). I did not think twice to re-release updates, removing the new service from all of my apps. Tapgage ads went up seamlessly and unnoticed.  NOT THE SAME (for me) with PingJam. So... did anyone else experience issues here? did I pull the service to hastily? 
  • @darth - Turning on Pingjam requires a number of permissions as follows:
    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLS" /><uses-permission android:name="android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE" /><uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACTION_PHONE_STATE_CHANGED" /><uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" /><uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW" /><uses-permission android:name="android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED" />
    So, it's not for everyone or all apps - but their research seems to show that most people don't care about granting the extra permissions, and I believe it also showed that something like 63% of users will elect to activate the pinjam service when they install your app.

    So - try it out perhaps and see how it goes. Test the waters so to speak before jumping in head-first. But, they do pay well. If you have an app with 100,000 active US/Canada installs, it could add $500/month to your revenue...

  • It almost seems like Andromo is selling out. Admob is good, but Tapgage and this new Pingjam thing are just horrible. And why is it that these are being implemented, while the companies that we have specifically requested are not?

    I honestly cannot include Pingjam in my apps without feeling totally sleazy about it. And Tapgage so far hasn't been much better.
  • @tholyoak: I would uninstall an app which wants to show ads when I call someone. It would feel to intrusive. But when I saw the mobiles of the kids on a high school where I worked before, they had like million notifications, ads all over the place, everything was totally crazy, but they didn't mind it. So maybe we are setting these limitations on our selves by thinking "If I don't like this, no one will".

    However, by saying that, I'm still reluctant to try Pingjam. I've upset my users just by changing a much smaller and less important functionality in one of my apps.

    Maybe an alternative would be to roll-out a new app with Pingjam included and see what people would say. But making an app takes time and effort and starting with negative reviews is also risky.

    Please share your thoughts!
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