Tell ANDROMO you want the ability to duplicate apps!!!

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So andromo deleted my last discussion??? 

If you want this feature to make lite or pro versions, to transfer activities to other apps or to make copies of existing apps for any reasons at all -

Please let them know!!! Note - This is not requesting to change package names!!!

We haven been requesting this feature for over a year and it has gone unanswered!


  • You might want to make clear you are not asking for the PRO feature to rename packages, but for a way to duplicate an existing project. I think thats what killed your other thread, IMHO.
  • I will edit further, thank you!

    I think they deleted it because they were embarrassed how unprofessional colinadams was being!!
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    No, your thread was deleted because of your profanity. Keep it clean and keep it civil.

  • Ok, that was hardly profanity! Please treat your customers with dignity and respect and be professional!!
  • Ok, I haven't seen the dougs first post, so I can't say if it was unprofessional or anything.

    But I agree a 100% with doug2005, that having the ability to duplicate existing projects with the lite version is something that should have been done months ago.

    No package rename needed! Just a simple clone function, that all!

    It is a MUST, when you have Free (ad-supported) and paid (ad free) versions of the same app.
    It is annoying and time consuming to create every app twice.

    Thanks for a reply, Andromo!!
  • I agree with you sylviathewitch. Would love to be able to just clone an app, make a few changes and publish it as a separate app. Currently having to make every app twice, one paid, one free. (one heavy, one light)

    Just to add I'm greatfull to Andromo for giving us the chance to make apps quickly and easily without all the heavy programming needed.
  • @doug2005 Respect and professionalism is a two-way street and calling someone a smart ass isn't the way to get there. If you want respect treat people with respect.

    Now about this feature, what exactly is everyone looking for? What would the differences between the free and paid version be? Obviously they would need a new package name for the available app market places, but what else? Try breaking it down what the differences between the two apps would be.
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    @mark ;

    I I only called him a smart #ss after the way he acted. Im the customer and I was in no way rude and did not deserve unprofessionalism that came from an EMPLOYEE!!!

    About this feature, think of it like this. You have an app that has 5 different soundboards in it. Say you want to make a different app with 2 of those soundboards. There needs to be a way to transfer activities to other apps. This feature would save so much time. As for the package name, When creating a new app, it automatically assigns it a package name so i figure it would work the same way when duplicating an app. 

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    Look the staff here is trying to help. They are trying to make it so that there isn't any bugs. Quite frankly this tool makes it easy to duplicate an app , even if you have to do it over.
  • I make apps with almost the activities the same but with different media entered in some of the apps. A dup capability would save a lot of time, and is easy to program. There must be an Andromo policy against duplication for some reason.
  • Sinc,

    I don't think it's due to a policy, but the rather complex ways projects are stored.

    From what I can tell there is databases and Amazon S3 storage involved during the app creation process. Then your have unique app ids etc so it's more to it than point and click.
  • Whatever the reasons are, I would still appreciate it, if Andromo would give us an update and some more info as to WHY this is function is not available and IF we can expect, that it will be added in a forseenable future,

    Andromo, your turn!!! Thanks!!!

  • @straybullet agreed. It has to be far more complex to implement.  It's been brought to team andromo's attention for quite some time.  So has a million other requests, but this is a biggie IMO. :)
  • I have asked for this also about a year ago and out of everything this one is the biggest thing I would like to see
  • It was asked what the differences would be between free and paid versions. That could be anything from added features or simply an ad free version. So we don't need to change the package name of an existing app, but rather an option similar to build new app but instead it makes a clone of one you have. It would then be a new apk with its own package name and could be edited separately. Perhaps in the edit tabs where build is have a second option for duplicate. Then the duplicate would show up in your app list as a second app. It could perhaps have a -d or something to indicate duplicate.

    I also like the idea of an activity bank we could pull repeating activities from. Then we could edit an activity and put it in any app we wish. I'm not sure how easy that would be. If I did, I probably wouldn't need to use andromo :-)
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