Today I cut ties with Mobpartner , and here is the reason's why

  Today I cut ties with mobpartner , not for the reason's you might think. I have been using thier AD network for 5 weeks and noticed something very fishy. In the beginning Mobpartner would send me emails saying to pause a campain , usually I didnt get a chance till 2-3 days later to pause the campain's . If you dont pause a campain the AD will still sow on the device but you don't get paid per install because it's on pause. So the last 5-6 days I have been pausing campain's the moment I recieve a notice to pause them.
   Guess what happen's? I get an email literally every 3-4 hours in a day pause this, pause that enable this, enable that. I really don't want to say this but a spade is a spade, Mobpartner is a scam. Yes they will pay you once you make $50 but by allowing AD's to show up after they tell you to "pause" campain leads to installs and free advertising. Plus no one has the ability to stay all day on thier computer pausing and unpausing, that's ridiculous. It's very fishy that now I have the time to pause and unpause , the frequency of email's has gone up 5X some days I recieve 15-20 emails. That's ridiculous!!
  I am sorry but Mobpartner is not the move but at least I gave them the benefit of the doupt. I highly do not reccomend Mobpartner till they fix their act.
I think one of andromo staff should give mobpartner a test , like pause and unpause right at the moment the email is sent and see what happens. I don't want you to take my word for it, try it yourself. Once you see what I mean, then please remove it from andromo.


  • Hi pixelpower, you are dping a good job helping people or trying to help at least, I just wanted to tell you, that yes, maybe Mobpartner could be annoying with all the email, like pausing this or that, but at least iti is another form of monetizing, if someone likes it is ok, if another don´t well is also ok.

    I just want to say that there are apps that in maybe less than a month they are paused but if you see there are some apps that are active efor a long time like, Hellfire or Candy Crush , that are good, so try them.

    Well I wish you good luck, and keep posting.

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    Yeah I am using tapgage and leadbolt now , tapgage is about volume. Leadbolt I just umplemented so I have to give some time to work. The problem I had with mobpartner is if they tell me to unpause and I wait , i don't get that many emails. But when I do respond as fast as the emails come in, then there is more pause and unpause that's just fishy to me.
  • @pixelpower: Thanks so much for sharing this. I'm going to register and try them out also, but in one of my less popular apps.

    Btw, are you having good experience with Tapgage?
  • It's the advertisers starting and stopping their campaigns :) Mobpartner has no control over it! Plus recently they've had a few problems they're trying to fix.

    There are many publishers doing huge volumes for these advertisers so they can't always run campaigns for long because the budget they paid mobpartner hits the limit. 

    I know some doing 3-4,000 installs for a campaign daily, and that's only one publisher! It's in mobpartners interest to not showed paused campaigns because after a campaign hits the limit for installs they aren't receiving money themselves, but rather giving free installs away.
  • @pixelpower how have you implemented Leadbolt onto your apps? (do you make them externally or through andromo?)
  • I implemented them using HTML activity , since andromo does not support them at this time. If you need any assistance adding them just let me know.
  • @lookzor I know what your saying but you didnt read my 1st post . When I started to pause and unpause as fast as I got the emails, then pausing and unpausing became more frequent. That means the system was trying to fix it to where the AD shows even when the Advertiser ran out of money. I check the AD's on my apps to see, and I saw paused AD's that where running. I didnt notice it for a month and half but now I did and got mad.
  • I understand that MOBPartner has lots of advertisers so they will obviously have some problems - but i would like to add that i have stoppped uing MOBPartner for this reason.

    STOP this, START that, PAUSE this and that - it is ridiculous.

    I just dont use MOBPartner anymore - they are just not worth the bother!

  • AdMob, so far, is still by FAR the best from available networks. Getting Amazon on board would be awesome. Tapgage isn't making me enough to buy myself a coffee, and I won't even try MobPartner, based on user feedback.

    If anyone has success with Tapgage, please let us know, how many installs do you need per day to make anything with them? I have two apps that are making (combined) 700+ installs per day, but I'm getting paid in cents.

  • Tapgage 10,000 clicks 3,000 imp and $5 bucks.
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