What is your average eCPM with AdMob?

Hello guys,

I have a ringtone app, some recipe apps, a custom developed game, so it's a good mix of everything.

My lowest eCPM is $0.30 (more or less a picture app) and highest $0.90 (food related stuff). On average, I'd say it's at $0.60 with all my 10 apps combined.

Is anyone here having more than $1 eCPM? Maybe with some game related apps and such?



  • I've got 3 different apps and the eCPM is as follows:
  • @bruins1993: Thanks for sharing. These are some very high numbers. :) I'm searching for high CPC keywords on Google, but they almost never translate to exact same amounts. Would you mind sharing if you are you in a broad or in a particular niche? Thanks.
  • i've just left everything to default
  • Thanks. Well, me too, but I can't get over a dollar. Will try to figure out what could be wrong.
  • @bruins1993 Those are some impressive numbers. May I inquire as to what niche your apps are in?

    @hendrixs My average eCPM for the last 7 days was $1.25. I have eCPM's ranging anywhere from $0.04 to $3.39. The eCPM for my most popular app is $1.27.
  • @shaney_g there are in the entertainment category 
  • @shaney_g: Thanks. I'll look into the entertainment category. :)
  • It's also important to take into account the number of impressions that get generate those eCPM values as well. I had an eCPM of $74.57 once...on 3 impressions and one click for 22 cents.

    Still over tens or hundreds of thousands of impressions your eCPM will paint a somewhat realistic picture.

  • Just checked my admob acc and I've had 1k+ for impressions today alone on one app the ecpm is at around 4.5
  • @bruins1993 By niche I meant for example fitness, weight loss, cars, sports, etc. Not what category your apps are in.
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