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Hi, After a bad Internet day yesterday, today I woke up and couldn´t enter my Developer account. the reason?

Well first of all I am a developer that the best he does is compilating YouTube videos and showing in my apps, I have been compilating TV series cartoons and I had my ups and downs but everything was fine until today, well yesterday in the afternoon where Google email me 3 times in one hour and they terminated my developer account and elimiated all my apps on Google Play.

Now I don´t know what to do, I replied to them, but I guess I will not get restored my account.

Have anyone had the same problem ? What did you do? Which other App Store beside Google Pay are good? Any advice for me.




  • 120% you wont get your account back as it is a copyrighted issue.  
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    Thanks for letting us know. Wow, I can't believe this. I too had two such apps, but have taken them down. Another friend of mine also got his account banned because of this - and he didn't even use any cartoon graphics! He had custom graphics made and only linked to YouTube cartoon videos. But there are so many cartoon apps on Google Play - some with more than 100.000 downloads and 100's of ratings! I don't understand this.
  • @djlfpro21: Google Play is the best place to feature your apps, so try registering a new account with a relative of yours, if nothing else. And accessing this new account from another IP would also be a good idea.

  • Alternate Stores

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    Alternate Stores

    You must promote your games on facebook , these store don't promote past 1st week unless you get alot of downloads fast. Email me for more help

    aptoide store

    Amazon Android

  • Yes, I guess the best place for promoting apps is Google Play, the problem is I don´t my account banned for having another account banned, so I will need to have another credit card, and register in another IP.

    Does anyone faced the same problem as I?

  • Dude I got kicked off very early , doesnt matter jsut join the other stores and do more marketing. You will bounce back in 2-3 weeks and better than before.
  • really, you got banned on Google Play?

  • Does anyone know the number of strikes/suspensions before your account is banned?
  • @lovedislike I don't think they have a set number of warnings. I have heard of people getting banned on their first infringement. I myself have had one warning and was luck that they did not ban me. All I have to say is don"t use copyrighted works in your apps. They may never catch you but if they do it won't be good. If you want to make apps that have copyrighted works in them try uploading them to other app stores besides Google Play. A lot of the more minor app stores out there are a lot more lenient that Google Play.
  • Thanks!
  • Well thats so sad  :(
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    Well, I will tell you, I checked out, and I got 3 strikes before getting banned, but my first strike was at friday 15:23 and the third one like at 15:27, so I received 3 at onces, then they claimed I made multiple violations, so that´s why they decided to "terminated my account".

    That is what bothers me, because I did not have time to fix my apps or unpublish them.

  • So if you create an app on, for example, "redwood trees", and you add a you tube activity to your app, and have the feed go to a user on youtube is exclusively makes "redwood tree instruction videos", are you breaking any copyright or rules linking to a you tube user who makes videos pertaining to the niche of your app?

    I have been trying to understand this too and see to be confused.

    Creating an acne app, if I want to add an activity for you tube, and enter the user id of a youtube user who makes acne home remedy videos, how do I know if I am breaking any copyright rules?
  • @ameliaapp: Well, you can't know, but linking to cartoons and movies is more risky. There are big companies (like Disney) after these kinds of apps.
  • Thanks Hendrixs

    I figured most wouldn't have a problem with it, considering I am sending significant traffic to their videos, figure its a win win for both parties.
  • @ameilaapp I think that in your situation you will be just fine. As hendrixs mentioned it is a lot more risky doing cartoons, video games, or movies.
  • In my case five infractions to be banned
  • Good day all.  I am new at this so I just had a question for anybody who can help.

    I want to create a soundboard and i figure using pic from the internet could be subject to copyright but what about sounds and quotes from movies or video games?

    Any advice?
  • Copyright is complex. did you know you can use a photo you have taken of the eiffel tower in commercial software but NOT if its lights are on! There are hundreds of clauses like that you wouldn't guess. This is why photographers charge so much they pay a fortune in licences and insurance.. as reagrds youtube if you play someones video they will love long as its their video. if they are playing someone else's video take care!
  • Sounds are all copyrighted, quotes are not.
  • @adge If it is a soundboard for something copyrighted, for example a cartoon, then yes Google can suspend your app and give you a warning or worse. Trust me I know from experience. However there are other app stores out there that are more lenient on the apps that they accept. So all hope is not lost.
  • Ok now my google account is also banned. When I woke up checked my email and got 3 violations within 3 minutes and got my account suspended
  • could it be that number of downloads or number of complaints is why you get so little notice?
  • my friend also just got banned today and he just started, and he also just have below 1k downloads all together
  • @enzomnia Sorry to hear about you and your friend. Just remember though that there are other app stores out there and other venues for your apps. Out of curiosity here, I have two questions for you. What kind of apps did you and your friend have that lead to your banishment? And are you still able to use Admob, since it is owned by Google?
  • @shaney_g my admob has not been banned, but I am not receiving the amount of views or clicks previously. I think i'm only getting views from my amazon store apps, Our apps are mainly wallpaper apps, specifically my gta wallpaper is the app that got me banned. I checked for similar apps before I made it and saw a lot of apps with copyrighted images, and they are still not banned. I'm looking now for third party markets. Do you have any suggestions for 3rd party markets?
  • @enzomnia Ya Google seems to be weird about what apps they suspend/people they ban and which they don't. I had a soundboard app that was suspended, luckily I wasn't banned, and there are still other soundboard apps on there that are almost the same as mine was that were up before mine and still up now. It's really weird.

    As far as third party markets go I see you are already on Amazon. I would also suggest that you check out the Opera App Store: I am on there and so far I am impressed with them. Some of my apps which get meager downloads on Google Play are getting decent downloads from Opera. Those are the main ones that I am in currently. Also check out this post that I made over at @pixelpower's forum here. It has links to some other app stores, although I haven't tested them out yet. Good luck!
  • I actually got banned for GTA wallpapers too. Advice no one touch anything with GTA !!
  • @enzomnia dude sorry for you and your friend, I hope your amazon apps get you well, I have been thinking to get in the amazon App store, could you tell us your experience there?


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