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hi i submited a app for the free playbook offer except i had left 1 link to the android market in the app. Will i still get the playbook? As the website only says its strongly recommended to remove all links

it's strongly recommended that you:
  • Remove all mention of the word Android from your app, in the
    application description and in the app itself, before submitting your
    app to BlackBerry App World
  • Remove all links to the Android Market from within your app
  • Select a minimum OS of 2.0 when submitting your Android app to BlackBerry App World
  • Ensure your app is signed. Learn about code signing


  • Elsewhere on BlackBerry's website it is stated that your app doesn't need to be approved by the start date, as long as the original submission was within the promotion period.

    If your app doesn't get accepted because of that, just fix it and resubmit. :)

    Hey how long did it take for your vendor account to be accepted?

    When did you get your acceptance email?
  • RIM seems to be very picky about this. To be honest, I'm a bit annoyed and confused. They want apps, and they've gone to great lengths to add Android support to their tablet - yet they're really hung up about mentioning Android... Odd things going on at RIM.
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    How do go about removing the android ads.  i hear ads are ok, but word android is not.  Supposedly they've accepted some andromo apps.
  • keckels - that's right, they're ok with Android-based ads, but not the mention of Android. Makes sense since they're not Android. I had the same issue - my Playbook app was rejected because it kept displaying the Andromo ad (instead of real ads). The Andromo banner ad has the "Android" word.
  • Just to let you know some apps have been approved by RIM:

    If your app was rejected because of the default Andromo banner try building with the latest version of Andromo and re-submitting. We've change the default banner text so that it doesn't mention Android at all.

    My app was approved with the last version of Andromo that contained the old default ad.

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