• Admob and Google Play are linked if youre banned in Google Play sure your Admob account and income will also be blocked. I lived your same case and unfortunately I lost my last two payments
  • @mastermx Ya that's what I figured. I had an app that was suspended by Google Play but fortunately for me I was still able to keep the Admob money that I made from it. So I was just curious if it was any different if they banned you. Thanks for the info!
  • Are alternative stores to GP any good? My best app had 1700+ downloads per day on GP at its peak, but is now down to 800/day. The same app has less than 10 downloads per day on Amazon. My best performing app on Amazon has a little over 50 DL/day, while on GP, it's doing 10x more.

    Opera's store wasn't good for me - only 50 downloads in total in the last few weeks. :-(
  • i lost my gp account 2 days  back but admob is safe.I want to know is it safe to use same admob account.Its running perfect only earning dropped due to no downloads now
  • Why did you lose your account? and the admob account depends on the email you use to register, if you used gmail and is the same than the gmail of GP, hope to do not get banned.

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